WoW Toons Update

Lilboomboom is my level 80 Resto/Elemental Shaman. She is my ‘raiding’ toon and my main. I have recently moved her out of Go Farm Yourself to Elemental Destruction with some of my old guildmates back in WoW Classic. Since my break from her to my other alts is over, I’ve been running random heroics and currently working her to get her as geared as possible before I really set my focus on raiding. 

Almost two weeks ago, I got my priest to level 80. Thanks to the new LookingForGroup system also known as the ‘Dungeon Finder’, She is my most geared toon being 3 out of 5 pieces of T9 with a Gearscore of 4600. I don’t really care for GearScore because it’s the player I care about rather than the gear…but sometimes people seem to have a concept of my gear if I put the number out there. I’ve speced to be a holy priest because I can’t see myself healing without Renew and I don’t care for shields.

Before I took a break from my shaman, I stopped playing my Deathknight because I made my deathknight to Tank. I was unholy and I didn’t care for the play style of UnHoly tanking. My husband recently speced my Deathknight to Frost and I LOVE IT! I started tanking heroics on my deathknight hoping to gear her out as quick as possible….then I realized that my shaman was slowly getting left behind…As much as I want to play my deathknight to tank, I’m a healer at heart. I will always heal before I tank…so I’m currently taking a break from my Deathknight to play my Shaman.

That’s all for the updates. My druid is 76 and I’m hoping to finish leveling her up when my laptop gets back from the shop. For my toons lower than 70, I have no plans right now to level them up as of this time. Lots of my friends from World of Warcraft have left and if they were to come back, I’d be happy to level a toon with them :D I seriously cannot wait till I get my laptop back so I can actually make my blog look more WOW! (emotion) and WoW (the game)…haha. Right now, it look icky but that will change…hopefully. *crosses fingers*


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