Scripts & Macros

The codes below are World of Warcraft scripts/macros that I keep.

Interrupt Macro: This macro is really helpful for casters. I haven’t tried it with my melee classes, but I absolutely love this simple macro. Rather than jumping in the air to stop a cast, this macro will automatically stop casting your spell to interrupt. Replace [spell] with your interrupt. For my shaman, I have /cast Wind Shear.

/cast [spell]

Deleting an Item: This macro will help delete items that you have picked up with your cursor. You have to press/click on it in order to delete the item.

/script  DeleteCursorItem()

Double Professions: When you have limited space on your actionbars, this macro will help. In this example, I will be using Enchanting but you can use this with other professions that have two sets of abilities such as Cooking and Archaeology. Here I have it coded so when I use the macro, I can disenchant items but if I hold down the ALT button, the Enchanting List pops up.

#showtooltip Disenchant
/cast [nomod] Disenchant;
/use [mod:alt] Enchanting

Fixing your Target Frame: This will reset your target frame into the default position. Really helpful if you have an addon acting buggy.

/run TargetFrame_ResetUserPlacedPosition()

Inserting Spell’s tooltip in Macro: I LOVE this script. It’s a little tricky to use though. You have make a “/macro” macro which you will use later to open up your macro window. Then Put it on your bars. Put this script into your chat window. (DON’T PRESS ENTER THOUGH) Shift-click the item you want to insert into the macro in-between the quotation marks (“”) into your chat window. Press or Click on your “/macro” macro to open up your macro window. Press Enter, and it should insert the item into your macro. Perfect for item selling, and spells!

/script MacroFrameText:Insert("")

Setting Role as Healer: Whenever I’m in a raid or in a battleground, I’ll use this macro. It really saves time right-clicking my portrait, down to Set Role, then click on Healer.

/run UnitSetRole("player","HEALER")

 Priest Dispel/Purify: I am not sure why Blizzard just consolidate these two spells together: Purify & Dispel Magic. In any case, this macro will make this easier on you. When I use this macro while holding down the ALT button, I use Purify Magic on myself. If I have a friendly targeted, I will cast Purify; while on the other hand, I will cast Dispel Magic if I have hostile/enemy targeted.

#showtooltip Purify
/cast [mod:alt, @player] Purify; [help] Purify; [harm] Dispel Magic

Summons a Random Critter: This says your toon summons a random critter and actually summons a random critter.

/em summons a random critter!
/script SummonRandomCritter()

Set Switching: Fishing: This macro is what I use when I am in the mood for fishing. I currently have made an equipment set in Equipment Manager called “Fish” that has all my fishing gear attached. When I equip my “Fish” set, I have my fishing pole equipped on my character. What this macro does is it will make my toon cast Fishing but also equip my “Fish” equipment set at the same time. When I hold down the ALT button and press/click this macro, it will equip my “DISC” set  which is  what I was using prior to equipping my “Fish” set.

#showtooltip Fishing
/equipset [nomod] Fish; [mod:alt] DISC
/cast [nomod] Fishing;

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