Raid Farming Spreadsheet Changes

[Original Spreadsheet Link ]

Due to it being easier when it comes to corrections, I will update the link anytime there is a new correction to the spreadsheet.

**Corrections 12/12/14:
– Updated spreadsheet to reflect the new materials added to current potion/flask recipes. No meat/fish is required to make potions/flasks.

**Corrections 12/9/14:
– Corrected formulas to correctly show the totals of Fireweed & Frostweed totals under the “Weekly Farming” list.

**Corrections 11/28/14:
– Added another Sorcerous Elements table to show what professions use certain elements, and what professions create them.
– Added Stamina Flask & Armor Pot to raid consumables (left side)
– Raid consumables (shown on left side) have been sorted alphabetically.


**Corrections 11/27/14:

– Fixed formula to correctly show the accurate number of materials needed for Greater Flasks.
– Added a table showing the Sorcerous Elements.
– Had values round up so you don’t have any decimals.
– Materials under the “Farming list” is now sorted Alphabetically. I will work on having the list of consumables sorted alphabetically this weekend.

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