WoW plus Fraps

Hello All!
I just wanted to do a quick post. Here lately, I’ve installed Fraps on my computer to take videos while PvPing. I came across a Fury Warrior with 30K HP while exploring Felwood for my ‘Explorer‘ achievement. Thank goodness I was in my PvP gear [now pushing 1160 resilence]. Don’t get me wrong, he still hit me like a truck and I only wished I had Fraps installed to record the whole fight because some how I ended up killing him.
I woke up and felt like playing on the PTR but that didn’t last long because I didn’t feel like doing PvE. I just wanted to check out the new abilities (Archangel & Evangelism) for discipline priests. Here’s a short video of me doing just that.
Aside from doing my explorer achievement, I’ve been doing my random battlegrounnds. Here’s a video of my priest healing in Eye of the Storm. Nothing special. One of those videos that you just had to be there in order to get what’s going on.
This video was one of the first videos I took for PvP. This wasn’t taken using Fraps but with ZD Game Recorder a couple years ago. My hubby (70 ret Paladin) and I just got done doing the Scholomance Key Quest Chain on my lvl 53 elemental shaman. This boomkin was ganking people coming from Western Plaguelands to Tirisifal Glades.


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