WoW Break

Hello All!
No, I’m taking a break from my blog & WoW starting on Wednesday. No, I’m not quitting World of Warcraft! I’m just taking a break till October 1st. Going to spend some time with my family :D It’s going to be “Family Time”! I haven’t been doing much but PvPing and going insane with the Fraps program. I’ve used A LOT of different game/screen recorders and so far, my favorite is Fraps. The only downside is the INSANE huge file sizes that come with your videos. I’ve spent most of my time finding the right combination of compression for my FRAPS videos while having good quality. I enjoy the small file size of recording in “Half-Size” but the quality of compressing the files then uploading to YouTube is terrible. So I’ve been recording in “Full-Size” at 30 FPS and I don’t lagg which is awesome! I also use VirtualDub to compress my videos using settings stated here at which so far seems to be the best settings for my videos. One of my PvP videos that is currently unlisted on YouTube was 450 MB and I got it reduce to 50MB. I still had great quality for a 2 minutes and 30 second long video at Full-Size at 1280×780 resolution.
Other than that, I haven’t been up to much. I’ve been getting ready for our “Family Time Week”. I’ve also been PvPing with my best friends: Lilmissmoo & Spyderco. I’m going to miss them terribly while on my break from WoW. Guess that’s why I’ve been taking so many videos of us PvPing! Now I’m off to do some cleaning so I don’t have to do ANYTHING during the rest of the week.
Come check out some of my WoW videos here on YouTube!


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