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Hello Everyone,
I’m back to playing World of Warcraft again. Try as I might to get away from the game, I can’t. I stopped playing in hopes to save some money on entertainment. That’s really hard because excluding on gas to get to these places, we would spend at minimum:
1) Movie at the Theaters for 3 hours maximum = $22
2) Renting movies from Blockbuster = approx. $4 for two movies.
3) Universal Studios = $50 just for food.

World of Warcraft is only $15 bucks a month ($30 for both Michael’s and my account). Then think about this, what about a console? Games costs at minimum $20 bucks, plus we dont have a console. We would have to buy the console and it would be many MONTHS before it would even pay for itself. Plus you are not going to buy just one game for a console…You’re going to be playing and buying games for the console! In a sense, right now…it’s just cheaper to play World of Warcraft (in a daily sense).

   I also changed my blogspot. I gave it a little makeover and it seems to look better than the previous one. I also changed my signature. It’s not my handwriting, but I sure wish it was. Everything that I used is from different free digital scrapbooking kits from ShabbyPrincess & KevinandAmanda but I recolored them to match my background. Dont get me wrong, it could be better but for now, I like it this way.

As for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects, I’ve been in the mood for them. My mom-in-law and I need to finish our dining room chairs (did it like last month). We changed the covers on them using a golden tablecloth she got at Kohl’s. Out of the six chairs we have, we didn’t do two of them. We got so tired and sore stapling the tablecloth to the piece of wood that we kind of gave up haha. After watching Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Michael jokingly said: “We should make him one!” The next day while cleaning our bedroom, I had the idea of making the chair out of the Huggies Cardboard Boxes we get for Logan’s Diapers. Yea, big deal cardboard chair…but have you seen one with cushions?! haha. We have yet to find a chair in our price range that would be good for Logan. Michael is even using his skills at AutoCad to make a 3D & 2D blueprints for the chair. I also want to do something with 4×6 photos of Logan to put something on our bedroom walls, because we have NOTHING on them.


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