Wizard’s Inferno Build + Butcher…

Hello All,

If you read my last post, you know that I did some research before finding a Wizard spec/build that works for me in Act 1 for Inferno. This build also helped me kill the Butcher…with some practice. I got up to about 5 stack of Nephalem Valor before attempting to kill the Butcher. The attempts I made to kill the Butcher were really frustrating and there was enough cursing involved to make a sailor blush. I also lost my 5 stacks of Nephalem Valor during these attempts, but I wanted to kill him regardless of it. After many, many, many, attempts…I finally killed the Butcher on Inferno mode!  WOOT! Needless to say, I decided to cool off a bit after playing Diablo 3 by writing this blog post.

I did a couple of strategies, but the one that worked for me with my build is making sure I was at max range at all times. This meant the Butcher was completely off my screen and I had to guess where to shoot my Electrocute in order to hit the boss. Making sure my Venom Hydra was up, as well as keeping Blizzard on the boss. I also used Teleport to port behind him as much as possible if he ever got too close. This allowed the Butcher to be distracted by my decoys. Doing all of the above plus avoiding fire & using Mystic Health Potions and Healing Wells.

The Butcher on Inferno: DEAD

My wizard’s build for Act 3 is similar to Arktem’s build with a couple of tweaks:

1) Magic Missile: Seeker became Electrocute: Lightning Blast –

– Electrocute: Lightning Blast seemed really helpful for the Invulnerable Minions and it seemed to release more attacks compared to Magic Missile: Seeker. The Lightning Blast Rune with its piercing ability made it so you can attack multiple enemies, while the Seeker Rune for Magic Missile is more of a single target spell.

2) Changed the Rune for Energy Armor from Force Armor to Prismatic Armor –

– I’m still trying to figure out if I even like this tweak. I was told that once I hit level 60 and Inferno Mode, my focus in gear should be Resist & Armor. This was suppose to help reduce incoming damage from the Inferno mobs. I was also told that the Resist & Armor was not necessary for my class. I have noticed a difference in my damage reduction with the rune. With my current gear, I’m up to almost 57% damage reduction. My resistance on the low end (Physical) with the Prismatic Rune is at 49%. Without the Prismatic Rune, my Physical Resistance is at 40%. I also get resistance from Intelligence, which is my main stat that I am going for before resistance/armor.

3) Passive Skill: Arcane Dynamo to Evocation –

– Don’t get me wrong. Arcane Dynamo is a very nice rune and the only cooldown on my bars is Teleport. But through experience, I realized that I needed Teleport up as much as possible. This was really helpful to have for the fast mobs, teleporters, or when you are in a tight spot due to having much room to kite.4

All in all, I based my build on trial and error. I started using Arktem’s build, but I was dying constantly. I kept changing my skills until I was able to find one that worked for me the longest. This is the build that I came up with. If I’m not able to kill a champion/rare, I am at least able to live long enough to relocate elsewhere before moving forward.

Now that the Butcher is killed, Time to dip into Act 2….



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