Where I Stand

Hello All!

The other day, one of our good friends in-game (Trik) whispered my hubby letting us know that we were welcome in the guild (he is currently in) any time we want. My husband pretty much didn’t know what toon to bring. My problem wasn’t “which toon to bring into the guild?” My problem is I honestly don’t know where I stand with WoW. I love this game. I really really do. I love playing my alternative characters and switching roles on a daily basis. The guild that Trik is in has plans to rebuild and raid when Cataclysm comes out. I want to raid with these guys because they are really good players and I have raided with them before. I just don’t think I have the raiding ‘umph’ in me anymore. I used to love to be in Ventrilo even if no one was on, now I cannot stand being in there unless there’s people that I enjoy talking to. Raiding just doesn’t sound appealing to me. I like having the flexibility of PuGs and having no one in raid that recognizes me. I like doing my own thing, probably because I’ve been doing it for so long. That or I’m scared. I’m scared that my ‘skills’ isn’t as good as the players I would be raiding with. Hmmm, It’s probably the flexibility. I’m a stay-at-home mom. I don’t know how people work full time jobs AND work 3-5 days a week. I’m definitely bringing in my warrior if I do decide to join that guild.

On another note, I trained Fishing on my warrior out of boredom. I didn’t feel like doing anything so I figured “if I’m going to sit here and do nothing, I might as well fish”. I did fish up some Rocks in the process. I got my 25 & 50 fish achievements. I remember the time I spent fishing up 100 deviate fish every day. Why? Just because. I got to see Date Night with Steve Carell. Hilarious Movie. I haven’t played WoW all day today. I spent my day recoloring drawings I did back when I was a freshman in High School. One of my best friends apparently still has it to this day, and is suppose to be emailing the rest of them to me. I honestly don’t feel like playing WoW tonight so I am spending my night with a headache and watching TV.


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