When Alts become Mains…

Hello Everyone,

So this morning, I was checking out my guild’s forums (like I do every morning). Someone posted a topic asking anyone possibily switching their Mains to another class when Patch 4.3 comes out. I gave this a bit of thought, and I had a flashback to previous expansions.

In Classic, I was playing my undead priest. She was my first toon. I didn’t plan on ever leveling up another character at that time. Actually, I didn’t plan on leveling another toon ever. I hated the long grind to level 60. Understandable considering that back in the day, we didn’t have a Dungeon Finder. We also didn’t have as much flight points, mounts were expensive. I couldn’t imagine gearing out or leveling another toon.

During the Burning Crusade Expansion, I switched back and forth between mains. I didn’t plan on that. When Burning Crusade came out, my priest was the first one to level 70. After a few weeks, I ended up leveling up my druid to tank. We needed tanks in my guild for raiding at the time. I had so much fun tanking Karazhan back in the day. I really enjoyed it. After getting all the gear I could possibly get (and gearing other tanks), I ended up playing my hunter. I ended up quitting on my hunter, when they nerfed “Aspect of the Viper” shortly before the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion (using it decreased your damage by 50%). This is when I switched to my Shaman as a healer. My shaman was the first toon to ever set foot in Black Temple. All my other toons got gear from Karazhan/Gruul’s Lair.

In Wrath of the Lich King expansion, my shaman was the first toon I leveled to 80. This was because my husband wanted to level up his warrior as Protection Spec. To make the long story short, I basically switch Mains a lot in this expansion. Not as much as I did in Burning Crusade. I mainly stuck with my Druid, Priest, Shaman. I left my Hunter in the dust at level 71 during the entire WOTLK expansion. During this expansion, I ended up getting a new account. This forced myself to redo all my alts and mains. I will admit I hated it; but the Recruit-A-Friend bonus, Bind-On-Account Heirlooms, and the Dungeon Finder helped a great deal. For most of the expansion, my druid was my main. I did however, switched specs a lot on my druid. My main spec was Feral Tank. I kept switching depending on what we needed to be able to start a raid. If we needed a Melee DPS, I was Feral Kitty. Ranged DPS? Boomkin! Tank? Feral Bear! Healer? Resto spec!

In Cataclysm, my goal to to keep a main character. No switching back and forth. Nope, not going to do it. Did I do it? For the most part in my eyes, yes. I kept my priest as my main character. Priest is what I started playing this game as. This is what my main is, a priest. Don’t get me wrong, I played other classes. After I geared out my priest at level 85, I actually began leveling my Warrior to 85. I tanked/DPS’d regular and (old) heroic dungeons for my friends. That was the only purpose for my warrior…Did I ever consider her my main? Nope. I was playing my priest more than I was playing my warrior. After getting tired of playing my warrior, I ended up leveling/gearing out my hunter in my spare time. She was the first character to step into Zandalari Heroics, mainly because I was scared to heal them on my priest. LOL. Did I consider my hunter as my main? Nope. Priest is still winning. I recently geared out my warrior to tank Zandalari heroics.

I started raiding 25 man Firelands on my priest. I also started leveling my other alts to 85 (also known as Project 9+1). In my spare time, I will end up gearing out alts via Heroics. As far as raiding, I don’t plan on switching (Sorry guild, you’re stuck with me). So when does an Alt become a main? When you play a class more, (and therefore should be more geared) than the other? Either way, my response to the question: “Would you be switching Mains when Patch 4.3 comes out?”, my answer is: No, I think not. I’ll stick to my priest. I don’t care how good or bad the changes are. My priest is what I’m sticking with.



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2 Comments on "When Alts become Mains…"

  1. Saga October 9, 2011 at 2:52 PM - Reply

    I think to me personally an alt becomes a main when you officially switch to that character for your raiding (if you’re a raider). Then you stick to that character. I think this is because in my guild we’re pretty much expected to stick to one character, since no one wants anyone to bring alts to the raids.

    My main in Vanilla was a rogue, and when I switched from horde to alliance I made a priest instead. In TBC I got tired of being asked to heal though and decided to go Warlock. She’s been my main since, except for half of Wrath when I went Warrior tank since it was what our guild needed at the time :)

    • Warcraft Mia October 9, 2011 at 6:19 PM - Reply

      I don’t mind alts being in raids so long as they don’t take look over people’s mains. Main spec or offspec. I say that, but I’ve come across people who switched toons whenever they got all the gear that they want on a toon. It can be rather annoying. I have been known to constantly switch toons, but I have never taken loot over someone who wanted it.

      We’ve had a couple of people in my guild want to switch their mains, but alts have been forbidden in our raids. For some reason, my husband was the exception. His main was a Ret Paladin, but my guild doesn’t have an Elemental Shaman (or at least no one was willing to do it). So the raid leaders wanted him to bring his shaman. My husband has decided that his shaman was going to be his main, and is going to try to get all the achievements he can on him (including Insane). XD

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