We’re all noobs at heart

Hello All,
I really didn’t do much last night. I was trying to hit level 80 on my druid while resto. I ended up doing some quests in Storm Peaks to unlock the Sons of Hodir Dailies for my druid. I guess I don’t really have to unlock them since Blizzard changed the enchants from reputation for factions Bind on Account. If I actually do the dailies, it’s gold! :P I farmed a bit of herbs last night to make the Inscription off hand, Faces of Doom for my druid. I’m currently in the process of making one for my priest because I’m tired of carrying the Surgeon’s Needle from Heroic Pit of Saron in my inventory with no off hand. I guess since I practically screenshot anything that ‘might‘ be of interest for a blog post, I could just check my screenshot folder to see if anything I did last night was worth mentioning…*Checks folder*…Guess I did do stuff last night.
I ended up dpsing Heroic Culling of Stratholme as Elemental while my husband played his hunter. Let’s just say…we were being idiotic noobs. I’d like to clarify something. The tank and healer were typing in party chat like it was guild chat, talking about arena, fat princesses, and other things. Seems to me they either type WAY too fast or they have one of those Speech-to-text programs (which I doubt there’s one for WoW) simply because they would be typing up paragraphs and paragraphs of random stuff. I was going to put them on Ignore, but then my husband suggested we join them :D. We tried getting into their conversation but they seemed to be in their own world, so we started talking nonsense. My husband came up with “Snapping Turtles lie in wait for hungry carrots” and I just typed up whatever was said in guild chat since my shaman is my raiding guild. I know we were being rude but it was hilarious to say random stuff and not get a response until the end of the run where we were called retards. I was also trying to DPS but stuff was dying too fast because these guys were geared. I give probs to the tank for enchanting Thunderfury with Executioner (ha! I still have my hydrocane with Lifestealing in my bank :P)

I also tested out something last night as soon as I got a comment in my post about ignoring people from other servers in yesterday’s post. I knew you could do it in battlegrounds but from the LFG system, I did not know that. When the new LFG system came out, I remember trying to ignore someone from another server and it wouldn’t let me. Perhaps they changed it last Tuesday or something. So thanks for the update, Kiryn. That’s what I get from not actually reading patch notes and just skimming through them (if there were any…that’s my husband’s job). I did not have to type out the name. I just ignore them through the chat system so YAY! it can be done. I also don’t remember hearing about turning in 10 Heavy Borean Leather for 1 Arctic fur from Braeg Stoutbeard in Dalaran. That would’ve saved us lots of gold spent in the Auction house. HAHA! I’d like to continue with errors I’ve made in that same post.

1) …farmed a
bit of leather (approximately 24) last night – It’s suppose to be 264 leather.
2) …
crappy threat and with expertise & hit, – suppose to be expertise, crit, & hit.
3) …
lame sfhoeghouhgsoh Druid Tanking – insert favorite obscene word here.

I have a 10 man Icecrown Citadel raid tonight…I’m kind of not wanting to go. I need to farm. I need to level my druid. I need to do… stuff that doesn’t involve raiding tonight haha. I’m starting to feel a bit burnt out from healing on my shaman. I want to heal either on my priest or druid for something different. Perhaps level another alt to 80 since I have an abundance of healers who are 80, I need another tank. Of course as much as I love playing other classes, I’m just not the kind of person to power level on my own (not like my husband and his damn ten 80s). Seems to me that every time my husband and I work on Alts, we get behind on PvE progression. I kind of don’t want to do that with this expansion. I also watch ‘9‘ last night, disappointment…*sad face* It was still pretty good but if you see the original short (which can be seen on YouTube here)…that’s the movie right there. The movie does fill up a few details that doesn’t show in the original short, but overall…that’s the movie. Now, I am going to have some breakfast with strawberries! Since it’ll be a while till I can have more due to the frosty weather we’ve been having.



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  1. Kiryn January 12, 2010 at 4:13 PM - Reply

    Woo, someone mentioned me in a blog post! Happy to help out =) I think I'd go mad if I couldn't ignore people from other servers.

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