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Hello All!

So I have a test on Wednesday for General Biology. Super excited to seeing how well I will do on that test. Other than that, school has been going great. I will say that during the week, I don’t feel like doing anything when I get home because I am just drained. I didn’t really want to write this post, but I have something on my mind that I need to get off my chest.

I have been playing World of Warcraft since 2006. I love this game, and I admire some of the people I have met with this game. I’ve met Firefighters, Doctors, Lawyers, Construction Workets, Homosexuals, Bi-sexuals, Mothers, Fathers, and many other varieties. I met my wonderful husband of almost 4 years (and counting) through World of Warcraft. I just wanted to write this post dedicating to my friends that I’ve become close to in World of Warcraft. There are some people in the game that although they live a couple states away (which I don’t see myself EVER visiting them, and we’re complete opposites), I still enjoy their conversations to end my day of reality :) So thank you guys!

I try my best to acknowledge every one in my guild, because I know how much it means for someone to care about your existence. Yes, I know that sounded a bit dark, but it’s true. I love logging on and my screen/chatbox just fills up with whispers and tells of “MIA!!!!!!!” It really does make the day end great. :) I’m not afraid to say “I Love You” to my friends, because I really do love my friends. It’s really nice to hear my friend’s real life struggles too, but it really does pain me when they are not happy with their lives. Almost to the point of ending it…So I say to them “I love you. At least one person in this world does! Don’t you forget it!”



**Also dedicated to Real Life friends and guildies from Archimonde-US.**


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2 Comments on "Warcraft Friends & More"

  1. Tim Marsh September 15, 2011 at 9:59 PM - Reply

    You are just so talented! haha love ya

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