Waiting to Draw List

Here are a list of some of the drawings I have done for free as well as commissions.

♥ Current Waiting List ♥

These are the current paid commissions that I am currently working on. These clients get priority over FreeDraw clients.

  1. Aeonknight – Warframe Chibi
  2. Envro – Stream, Twitter, & YouTube Package

★ FreeDraw List ★

This list is for viewers that have gathered enough points/treats to qualify for a free simple drawing from me. Details are in my FAQs. Clients in italics are pre-ordered.

  1. LolTV282 – Guy going “Hell Yeah” at this computer for winning PemBlock.
  2.  DerpMerpFace – Caricature of their dog based on pictures emailed

 = Previous Clients =

Clients that I have previously done graphics for.

  • Salveccio – Picture of Doge
  • TheOneEpicMan – Tomb Raiser with minions
  • Valinet – Chewbacca Chibi with sunglasses & crown
  • Aeonknight – Panda chibi
  • Cassie/Screamheart – Trove Panda
  • Tjmarsh01 – Overall Twitch Package
  • Shinji2009 – Overall Stream Package
  • VideoGameVillians – YouTube Package
  • Enigma – Overall Stream & YouTube Package

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