Waiting for August to come…

Hello Everyone!

So I am very excited today. Why, you may ask? Well, today was my New Student Orientation for my Medical Coding/BIlling program. The school program doesn’t start until August but the orientation was just to answer questions about documents we have to turn in to accept our position in the program, as well as asking about uniforms we have to wear to class. My instructor seems very nice and I am ecstatic to see how the classes turn out with her. I also am not positive on this, but I am pretty sure I am the youngest one in class. Everyone else also seems to have some experience in Medical or Administrative field, where I have none. I am not worried though…ok, maybe a little.

On a different note and into the gaming world, I decided to take a little break from Diablo 3 for a bit. I’ve been twiddling my thumbs on World of Warcraft lately, and I actually raiding 10 man Dragon Soul on my priest. My guild had a warlock that was pushing 9k DPS, and decided that I could do better as Discipline Spec. After the warlock put down a summoning stone, my guild leader passed the lead to my husband. My husband then kicked the warlock, and the raid used his summoning stone to summon me. I know…I felt so bad. However I did end up beating the warlock’s DPS, and I was pushing about 9K DPS as Discipline. We ended up calling the raid off at Spine, because people had to leave to be able to get up for work tomorrow. I got my Tier Helm piece though! Woot!  But yes, Diablo 3 has been pissing me off lately. The Inferno Difficulty in that game has me cursing out obscenities so much, it is as if I’m exhaling the words themselves. It doesn’t help that I log on for the first time today in about 4 days, and there’s the 1.0.3 patch. Now the patch itself didn’t mess with my wizard class too much, but they did mess with the repair costs. I was shocked to see after dying about four times to see my repair bill pushing 20K. I was…speechless. Normally, I wouldn’t complain but…wow. With all my gear broken, I was about 10K before the patch. So it was a shock seeing that when my gear wasn’t even completely broken.

Aside from WoW and looking forward to my classes in August…I am been taking up my time playing with my son and trying to satisfy my kick for video editing. I have made two WoW tutorials so far: How to Make a Click Macro and How to Make a Cast Sequence Macro. I honestly think I could made them better, and I probably will redo them in the future. The reason why I have this kick right now for Video Editing is because of the new program that I got: Pinnacle Studio HD 15 Ultimate Collection. I used this program for both of the two Tutorials that I made as well as a TON of test clips. Honestly, I love the program, but it’s not perfect. I would love it if you could customize the ‘project size’. My resolution for my laptop is 1366×768, which is the resolution FRAPS records my videos at, and the closest resolution for Pinnacle Studio is 1280×720. Needless to say, all my videos end up a bit blurry. I am still trying to find that perfect combo of settings to make my videos perfect for quality, but not have a HUGE file size. I also upgraded my Camtasia Studio 7 to the new Camtasia Studio 8. Why? It’s a neat program for screencasting; and unlike Pinnacle Studio, I can actually set my ‘project size’ to match up my screen resolution and Fraps recordings. Well, that’s all I’m going to write on now. I am seriously falling asleep as I am typing this.



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