Ulduar And Me

Hello All!
So I didn’t run that many heroics last night…Sadly, I have about two screenshots of the interesting PuGs I’ve come across. For some reason, I stopped spamming my Print Screen button. Just not in my mind set anymore :( BUT I’m trying to get back into the habit, because I have screenshots from my first Ulduar raid! Woot! Yea, I know…finally? The thing I’ve come across with leveling multiple characters is lack of progression to endgame content, especially if you’re not in a guild. By the time I was done leveling my resto shaman & Deathknight to level 80, I wasn’t in a ‘raiding’ guild’. PuGs only wanted to take the ‘geared’ players who have done it before with their “PST your cheese plz!” It was also around the same time my son wasn’t on a set schedule to allow us to find a guild and raid with them. Speaking of which, who the heck made it for “cheese” to be short for Achievement? (Back to the topic please!)

So anyways, I got a few achievements in Ulduar 10!. Not really an awesome thing because it wasn’t towards my Glory of the Ulduar Raider 10 achievement. I was so proud of myself (and overpowered) to not only get a TON of achievements but to be top healer. Ulduar was such a pretty place. I took a whole bunch of screenshots just so I could use it for my wallpaper. The only time I was freaking out because I didn’t know what I was doing was with the Kologarn fight. That guy is huge and it was pretty cool to see an actual HUGE giant that you have to fight. Makes all the other giants in game look like gnomes. I don’t remember wiping until we got to Hodir. People (including me) were not quick enough to get on top of the ice before being frozen into a block of ice. After that wipe though, I was doing great at healing & getting on top of the ice. We did wipe a few times to do for that fight before actually downing him in his Beserker mode!!

*click for a larger image*

Yes, you read that correctly. About half of our raid died at about 20% (I think? could be more…) due to the flash freeze. I was the only healer up and the tank was still up. We all thought it was a wipe but we decided not to go down without a fight. So with 30 seconds left he still had about 167k HP left, we definitely thought it was a wipe with only three DPS (maybe it was 2? I just remember focusing on health bars to go right). After I saw my hubby posted DeadlyBossMod timer on the Berserk timer at the 10 second mark, my heart was racing. After I saw “Hodir goes into a berserking rage”, I looked at my chat box so I didn’t have to look at my druid being one shot by the boss. Tank dies…Triumph badge? what?! Looked up and saw him with 116K health left. WOOT! One of our mages (Gamo) died right after…for some reason…After laughing a bit with that, I res’d people up…but no loot :( We called it just before clearing out way to Freya because one of our healers had to go (then Gamo said ‘he had to go’ as soon as the healer said it). I believe only 3 people got loot from that instance, two of which were upgrades. One was just one of those “oh I got to have it for looks” moments. I got this trinket that I have seen a lot of druids with. I think it’s weird because although it’s a ‘downgrade’ for making my gear score lower from 4858 to 4837… it’s actually an upgrade to my while-not-casting mana regen & healing compared to the one from ToC 10. I’m happy with my Ulduar trinket though :D

After the Ulduar raid, I ran a random heroic (Halls of Reflection) for my frost badges with a couple of guildies. I’m slowly getting closer to getting enough frost badges to have enough Primordial Saronite for a guildie to make me these ICC boots from Leatherworking for my druid. Well, we had a shaman leave because we were all ‘guildies’ (even though my druid isn’t in the raiding guild but in Go Farm Yourself). I don’t really understand why he left. We can’t exactly ninja the Battered Hilt unless we all pressed the Need button. It still would be the same with any other PuGs, but with the same guild tag :P. Just a little information, the randoms are set by default to be ‘Need before Greed’ and cannot be changed:

Patch 3.3.0 Notes| User Interface | Dungeon Finder | PickUp Groups:

“The Need Before Greed loot system will be the unalterable default looting system for pick-up groups in the Dungeon Finder and has been updated. Need Before Greed will now recognize gear appropriate for a class in three ways: the class must be able to equip the item, pure melee will be unable to roll on spell power items, and classes are limited to their dominant armor type (ex. paladins for plate). All items will still be available via Greed rolls as well as the new Disenchant option should no member be able to use the item.”

See, I do read a little bit of Patch notes! :D After a successful Halls of Reflection run, we went back into the past and visited Karazhan. We killed Attumen for his mount drop. We then did the ‘Servant Quarters’ because NO ONE did that section back in the day. Crappy drops is why. After that short run, a mage guildie and I tried to get underneath Karazhan to see the smiley face, but sadly I’m a Tauren and too big to fit through the hole. I did get to see it in this video I’ve found while searching to see if Taurens can do it. After that, I dps’d as Feral in heroic Culling of Stratholme with my hubby tanking on his 37K HP deathknight tank. I think I experienced the worst pally healer seriously…(Even worst than the pally healer in Heroic Utgarde Pinnacle healing with Rank 1 Flash of Light). I had to pop out of my kitty form to heal & battle res’ my hubby just before the 1st boss. Just before the last wave before the 2nd boss, hubby died and I had to tank for 3 seconds before I died where I got no heals. After we wiped, we voted kicked the healer. I decided to heal after that T_T. We made it for Time and got our extra badge. Sorry Pally healer. You failed to screw us over out of our extra badge :D (*hint for this friday’s PuG of the week?*)

Well, I’m going to stop talking…because I’m tired after staying up to 3am watching frikkin’ Cellular on TV (why are all the good movies on that late?). At first I wasn’t watching it and just having the TV going for background music. I turned around and saw Jason Statham & Chris Evans (Hawt! They caught my attention!). The movie featured a familar cast and I’ve never heard of it before. People should tell me these things especially if it has Jason Statham in it! ok ok!…*shut ups*



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