Turtle Love

Hello All!
This past Thursday, my husband got Sambas the rare Lion on his hunter. That made me get the motivation to level my 72 Tauren hunter during the weekend. I was able to tame the lava turtle, Terrorpene at level 81 with 34k HP! Thanks to Haste buffs! I figured I’d tame Terrorpene again so I can have a lava turtle for DPS (Tartarus) and one for Tanking/Quest Soloing (Turtalis). I abandoned those two turtle and tamed Terrorpene two more times (Tortalis and Tortarus). No, I’m not going to do into detail as to why I abandoned my first two Lava Turtles. Let’s just say it was personal reasons. So I just hit level 85 on my hunter, and did my first heroic with my best friends last night. Lildevil and Deviltrigger were on her hunter and his priest. We all got Heroic Deadmines. I didn’t get anything, but Lildevil got a Agility Cloak. I did get to try some Crowd Control on my hunter using my Freezing Traps. I haven’t used Freezing Trap to trap anything since Burning Crusade in Shadow Labs. Not to mention trying to get the timing right with Trap Launcher with another hunter! It was good practice though!

** click for larger image **
I also did the Love is in the Air boss event on my hunter. I got a 346 agility neck! Apparently, you can queue for the WoW Holiday Events at level 84, but not level 83. What’s my plan now on my hunter? Daily Heroic and Camping Sambas. That’s right. He’s the main reason why I leveled my hunter. I want that awesome-looking lion! Although, I really doubt I’ll be playing my hunter as much because I want to see how my priest is with the new patch that’s coming out today! WOOT!
As for real life, all I can say is now I’m CPR Certified! Oh yea!
now time for school…


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