Tree ICC 10!

Hello All!
Yes, I did Icecrown Citadel last night on my druid. WOOT! No drops for me though. We didn’t wipe till we got to Saurfang. We had a resto shaman go elemental and he has NO hit. So it was practically worthless. I also felt I was solo healing…found out I was solo healing those attempts. Why is it that paladins use Holy light? I have NEVER seen a holy paladin use Holy Light and still keep everyone up. Every holy paladin I’ve come across uses Flash of Light rather than Holy light. Even with all the buffs for holy light like the glyph & Talents… I don’t see a GOOD paladin healer use Holy light as much as they should use Flash of Light. */facepalm* No matter…We wiped a couple of times on Saurfang before calling it because one of our mages had to ‘leave’. Going to Continue it Saturday Night. Pissed me off because this same mage ALWAYS leaves when there’s a wipe going on. Great guy. Poor ethics. Wait…how is he a great guy if he has poor ethics? Don’t ask me. I just think his personality is great. My staff that I want drops off of there too AND I only needed ONE frost badge (UGH It’s emblem!) to get my new idol. I guess I could stop writing this blog post and do the random heroics to get my new idol :D But I won’t do that. After the raid, I did the weekly raid which was killing Noth in Naxx. I really wish I had the time and confidence to lead a Naxx raid. I’ve only done one whole complete run and usually I’m in there for the last two bosses. I really like the boss where you have to do the positive & negative charges (Thaddius). Fun Fun Fun to do PvE and be a tree.

My husband was reading about the upcoming changes in Cataclysm on WoWhead’s guide. I would like to say a few things on some of the changes that I have read. No Soul Shards?! Hunters not using Mana?! Instant Fear?! Tauren Priests?! Undead Hunters?! Hmm…It’s going to be hard to get used to the new changes coming up because I’m used to how things have always been over the 3 years I’ve been playing. I used to seeing Attack power on items and Mana per 5 on items HEALING on items. So far the only thing I’ve read that I really liked was seeing a Tauren Priest. haha It’s bad enough that I see Tauren Shamans & Druids wearing cloth, now they got to promote a class for it. I’m very happy to see gnomes having healers (priests) in the upcoming expansion. I would’ve been a gnome if it were for that little set back of them not having ANY kind of healer. I can imagine bats will be popular amongst the undead hunter population. Hmm, maybe it won’t be so bad?

No real plans for today. Later on is Trial of the Crusader 25 man. YAY! I think…Usually we don’t have resto druids or moonkins. Random heroics with a guildy to gear him out. I think about how many times we’ve geared people out. Using OUR mats to craft or enhance their gear and spending OUR time to run them through heroics so they can get the pieces they need…then once they are good enough to run raids without us…We don’t exist. I just hope this one guildy isn’t like that. We would like to see this guild grow and actually progress into 25 man content. Well, I’m going to eat some breakfast. Then get do my random heroics & probably take a nap before my TOC 25 raid.



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