The Whimsyshire Experience…

  • WARNING: This is NOT a How-To Tutorial!! This is simply a post about Whimsyshire…

 Hello All,
I would like to start off this post by saying: “This is not a How-To tutorial” for unlocking the secret pony level *coughs “cow level” under breath* in Diablo 3. For that, go to this post by AlwaysGaming.This post is simply a post about Whimsyshire and my experience in it. My husband made the nightmare version of the Staff of Herding today. I was so excited that I immediately asked him to open the portal to the happiest place in Diablo 3! WHIMSYSHIRE!!!!

Based on my two experiences in Whimsyshire:

– Teddy Bears called “Cuddle Bears” come up and smack you, same thing with the flowers known as Twinkleroots.
– Rainbow Unicorns come in Pink and Purple. There’s also Chubby ones!
– Cupcakes in Whimsyshire are Health Globes.
– The Lovely Presents don’t do anything but throw confetti when you bust them open.
– Happy Clouds are like chests and bounce around with a huge grin once they have been opened.
– Mushroom are like stumps/logs in the sense that you have to attack them, in order for them to possibly drop something. Sometimes you can come across a Pinata that you can attack to bust it open.
– There are champions and rares available in this level, but I’ve only come across Unicorns, Bears, and Flowers.

Something about the level that I know:

– The Staff of Herding is reusable. Upgrading the staff costs gold.
– If you leave the game, you cannot come back unless your friend opens the level for you OR you join a friend’s game who is in Whimsyshire.
– You can Teleport out to vendor and be able to teleport back into Whimsyshire.
– There are pretty decent rare and magic items that drop in Whimsyshire.

R.I.P FailCakes

Well that’s all for now. Just a short post. Time to get back to Whimsyshire! The happiest place in Diablo 3!




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