The Feast & List

Hello Everyone,
   I am so tired of thinking. There’s just so much stuff to do this month, it’s ridiculous. BOTH of my parents are planning to come visit this month and I’m SUPER excited for their visit. They are both going to be staying about a week. Here’s a list of stuff I need to do before they come visit (which is on the Oct. 29th):

  1. Get Logan a check up and get him up-to-date on his shots.
  2. Visit Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure to see the rest of the attractions (so we know what won’t be a waste of time).
  3. Get a queen size mattress for Michael and I.
  4. Straighten out our bedroom so there’s more room and neat.
  5. Finish replacing the covers on the two dining room chairs.
  6. Get a haircut.
  7. Find a Oriental Store/Filipino Store.
  8. Find a Authentic Japanese Restaurant.
  9. Clean the house (this is simplified otherwise it’ll make the list longer).
  10. Get pictures taken of Logan, Michael, and Me.
  11. Finish reading the two out of three books I have to read to attend Church.

   Also I just got done celebrating the ‘Feast of Tabernacles’  with my family & In-Laws where we had a little series of family events. The Feast started on Monday (I think) and we didn’t start our family events until Wednesday. 

Wednesday: We went to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure. It was Logan’s first time going to a theme park. It was a Logan Day. We didn’t ride any roller coasters but we did watch the ‘Sinbad Show’ that they had. We spent over 5 hours at both parks. 

Thursday: We went to a dinner show called ‘Arabian Nights’.  It was a show  involving tricks and stunts with Horses. We also had the V.I.P experience. We got to sit in the  front row and meet the horses and cast before the show.

Friday: Michael , Logan and I went to JCPenney’s to pick up my jacket and skirt that I ordered the week before. We then went to ToysRus to buy a card game called ‘Scrabble Slam’. We then got Milkshakes and played the card game when we got home.

Saturday: Watched our nephew, Justin’s baseball game (the last 20 minutes of it). We also went to Ron Jon’s after. Listened to  Live Music, swimmed in the pool, Logan played in the kiddie pool. He loved it.

Sunday: I got to go to the Flea Market and Kohl’s with my mother-n-law. Nothing really special other than we bought sheets for the queen mattress that we are planning on getting. We also bought some winter clothes for Logan.

   I also made Enchiladas last night for Dinner. I think I’m going to update my blog next week and I’ll give you the recipe. We eat these at least once a week. So easy to make and OH-SO-GOOD! If I could, I would eat these at least three times a week. 



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