Hey Everyone,
   I just wanted to update real quick. I’ve been checking out this great forum where you can download practically anything you can think of (Music Videos, Movies, E-Books, Applications, Games..etc) hosted by 3rd parties. You have used the search feature and still havent found what you are looking for? Try requesting it. TP is divided up into 3 main sections: Downloads, Requests, and Discussions. Of Course, you have to register to even use the site, but it’s FREE! Users from TehParadox can either discuss, upload or download files hosted by (depending on the author of the post) multiple file hosts. So you can download from Rapidshare, Megaupload, HotFile and more! Files are not hosted by TehParadox. Users from TehParadox don’t always upload or download files, it’s a forum! They can come to just chat! :D With the helpful users and admin staff, you can find what you are looking for! whether it’s a download or advice!

The TehParadox.Com Forums

So I suggest you visit this site. If you like the forum , try donating to help pay their monthly server costs of $1000/month! Donating a contribution of $5 or more gets you benefits! (sure, they are not much but neither is $5)

— Benefits include: (Members get)
   *Stored Messages of 500 (max of 50)
   * Avatars size of 150×300 (100×200)
   * TehParadox AD-FREE (Banners top and bottom of forum)

but that’s what I’ve been doing. I dont really agree with Internet Piracy but that’s another blog post in the future :D I got a dress and two new pairs of shoes on Friday. Black heels to be precise…One is wedged and one is a 3 inch heel. Blah. If you know me, I’m not the type of girl to wear a dress or heels. I cannot get rid of the feeling that I want to wear a dress and heels. The clothes are mainly for when we start going to church sometime in the future. I plan on changing my wardrobe, so I actually look cute and stylish. Rather than a T-shirt and jeans. No makeup though. Eww no. Anyways, I’m going to check out the forums somemore.



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