Tank, Don’t Heal

Hello All!,

   I spent my day with a headache. I did some dungeons on my level 70 priest and ran Regular Utgarde Keep with a bunch of people. Some groups were okay and some…well, I just kept dying to healing aggro. For the warriors out there, please try to do more than just spamming Shield Slam on one target. You have OTHER abilities that have high threat. I don’t know how Paladins go oom and refuse to use Consecration, especially on an AoE pulls. After a few of those runs of me dying back to back, I decided to take a break from my priest. So I logged onto my gimp 3.5K Gearscore druid since about the same time, Lildevil logged on. We did Heroic Trial of the Champion with a bad pally 5K gearscore tank and I died on the last boss. I’ve never had a tank that stood in Desecration for so long! After running back to my dead body. I decided to try another character where I didn’t have to heal crappy tanks. So I logged onto my paladin :) This was a nice change of scenery. I got into a group for Dire Maul West, cleared as much as we could without the key, then queue up for East to get the key & cleared, then Dire Maul West again but full clear :) We wiped a couple of times only because of my miscalculations on pulling. I honestly don’t remember the HUGE aggro radius on some of the pulls when I did it in WoW Classic. Luckily, we made it through with patience :) I am really surprised at all the Death Knights we went through…well, not really. 

Speaking of great PuGs, I finally fixed my ‘Screenshots’ section on this blog. I added a screenshot of this great pug under ‘Random PuGs’. Holywanda – Dalaran, Tinyplum – Mal’Ganis, Nahily – Mal’Ganis! I would like to thank you for a good group and your patience :) Wish all groups were like this. Had so much fun with you guys ^_^

After running Dire Maul West with these guys, I did some Warsong Gulch with Lildevil’s Shaman. Sometimes I am amazed at how long we can keep each other up against multiple people. I hate hunters with their debuffs like Aimed Shot, traps, pets, and Disengage. I also don’t like Elemental Shamans….because they hurt? Yes, very much so. The worst class I’ve always hated in PvP? Rogues! I used to play an undead rogue back in WoW Classic (raiding on my Boyfriend’s rogue while leveling my priest). Once Burning Crusade came out, I’ve never looked back at playing one. I just don’t like them. This doesn’t mean I won’t develop a relationship with someone who plays a rogue, but I just don’t like the rogue class. Weird considering I like playing a Feral druid…ok, no! It’s not the same! First of all, I get to see myself as a Lion. Second, Feral druids don’t have a Vanish, or Blind, or Shadowstep, or poisons. Bah! I didn’t want to get into that. haha. I just don’t like the class.

Then after a few losses in Warsong Gulch, I tanked Regular Forge of Souls on my warrior with Lildevil’s hunter and Deviltrigger’s paladin. This was an okay group.  Like it should’ve been with all my other toons. Falling Leaves & Wings post on “Do Healers have a Bad Attitude?“, I can see it becoming reality in my random pugs, except with Tanks! Maybe it’s a sign that I need to go tanking instead of healing? Or perhaps I should focus on healing if I am to ever level my priest (because I refuse to go Shadow)?


P.S – Spells shown are based off level of players mentioned. (ie. 77 hunter with level 75 rank Aimed Shot)


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