Summer Challenges…

Hello All,

I just thought I’d write a quick post. School has been taking up a lot more of my time than I originally anticipated. Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology (Let’s just call it ‘Survey’ for short) has my mind practically oozing out of my ears with SO much information. I’m surprised to announce that I’m actually thriving in that class; which has my grade at a 100%. I love my Survey Teacher! My husband has him for his Human Anatomy & Physiology 2 class. What I really like about my teacher is the fact that he lets me sit in my husband’s class on days that I don’t have other classes. :) My Microcomputer Applications class is….well, pretty boring. I’m basically done with all my work, and I still have two more weeks to go before the class is officially over. That class just irritates me though, because of the dang quizzes. The quizzes are the reason why I don’t have a 100%! At least I have a 98% though. By the time my husband and I get home from school, I play with my son until I put him to bed at 9:30pm. Then I try NOT to fall asleep….but most of the time, I do end up passing out. Then to wake up at 8:00am to get ready for school, then to leave by 10:30am for the whole process to continue.

I don’t really get to play World of Warcraft until about Friday Night. On the plus side, my husband has been really great by playing my priest for her Valor and Conquest points. If I do manage to stay awake after putting my son to bed, I’ll do a couple of arenas with my husband until he’s tired of me whining (because I’m usually really cranky when I’m tired). Rated Battlegrounds at night with my guild on the weekends usually makes my week. I absolutely love the new Season 10 Arena Looks, especially the helm. I feel so awesome on my priest!

OH! The good news! Remember when I told you that there would be good news in my previous post? The good news is: My husband and I got a new house! Want to see a picture of it? You can click for a bigger picture.

This is our house that we plan on moving into before the Fall Term starts. I absolutely love this house and really excited to live in it. My husband and I pass by it all the time on our way to our classes! Another reason why I love that my Survey teacher lets me sit in my husband’s class. Between my classes, taking care of my son, and getting stuff ready for the move, I don’t really have time to study. My husband’s class goes over the same topics as my Survey class; only more in depth.

Well, I’m off to fix me something to eat, make my coffee, and get started with my day.



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