Sticking it to PvP

Hello All!
If you haven’t noticed by now, I redesigned my blog to a more of a PvP feel. I’m really not liking the header so one day, I will change that. For now, it will be okay. I’m switching from PvE to PvP. I realized that I have no interest for raiding until Cataclysm. I don’t want to deal with the people yelling, cussing, and just being immature in Ventrilo. I haven’t downed Professor Putricide, Blood Queen, Blood Princes, and the Lich King in ICC 10. Even with the 30% buff, I really don’t want to deal with PuGs in PvE. Plus, the requirements for a ICC PuG is ridiculous. Most PuGs require that I have at least a 5.5K gearscore and I don’t have that. I also don’t want to do heroics anymore. I’m starting to know the dialogue of the instances all too well. There’s more reasons but I don’t want to dwell on them. I’m having so much fun PvPing!

I especially love PvPing with my best friends. I got to play with Spyderco’s Warrior & Lildevil’s Shaman. We mostly got Warsong Gulch, the queue times for Arathi Basin was ridiculous. Lildevil and I would just get the flag while Spyderco would just killing stuff near us. I got a few achievements too, including ‘Make Love, Not Warcraft‘ and ‘Damage Control‘.

I also FINALLY hit level 77 and level 78 on my priest and was able to do Wintergrasp! Sadly, I couldn’t do the quests until level 78. It was a pain in the butt and surprised we didn’t lose. Alliance had 20 stacks of Tenacity and would be instantly killing people. Too quick for me to heal them. I’m waiting till I hit level 80 before I turn them in for more honor.
Once I hit level 78, I was able to use my Frostsavage Battlegear that my husband Headrush made for me while PvPing. He also made an off hand for me, ‘Iron Bound Tome‘. Only two more levels till I can get to wear my pieces of Wrathful. Cloak and Bracers! I’m getting the neck piece next. I was so happy when I was able to wear my level 78 PvP gear. Rogues got nothing on me now! I don’t die as quickly, especially since I respec’d to a PvP build! I was able to get my ‘Ironman’ achievement!
hehe! Now, I’m off to go PvP some more. I hope I hit 80 before the weekend starts! Tomorrow, a blog post about some of the Instances I ran to quickly hit level 78!


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