Stats are for Noobs…

Hello Everyone,

So during the drive to school, my husband and I were talking about WoW-Related topics. One particular topic was reading a forum post on MMO-Champion Forums. I, of course, had to find this particular topic. Which I didn’t….sorry. *keeps looking*

Meanwhile….The forum post’s original poster was a guy running some Auchindoun dungeon, and this DPS warrior in his group was pulling about 200 DPS. His other party members were pulling about 900 DPS. When the original poster inspected this warrior, he saw a bunch of Spirit/Intellect gear. The original poster asked “How do you respond to that situation, without being that guy (by which he means, an Elitist). There’s also no way the group can carry the warrior”. Based on what my husband has told me, the forum post received a bunch of replies stating that the warrior had a right to play his account however he wanted, even if it was in a terrible way.

My thought is…what? Even though, I do agree with their logic. Yes, the warrior did pay Blizzard a subscription fee to do whatever he wanted on his account (in ToS). But thinking back when I first played my toon in Classic, I never was that bad. The worst thing I did (that I can recall…) was healing instances in Shadow Spec, or still having Benediction at level 70. I never once wore Strength or Agility pieces on my priest. I always wore what was best for my class (ok, not really. I’ll explain later). Apparently, this has been happening a lot lately. I read in a blog a couple of weeks ago (OrcishArmyKnife) about healing a Death Knight tank in some Wrath dungeon. The Death Knight tank was wearing Full Set PvP intellect Gear.

How would I respond? Probably with a “Hey, Did you know you need strength, crit, and hit? No? Sorry, but could you leave? I don’t mind carrying you. But we can’t :(” By the way, I don’t know warriors stats as far as what is needed more. So don’t take what I said to the bank. I definitely would try to guide the player in the right direction; and if he throws a tantrum, I’ll try to initiate a vote-kick/just leave. I don’t like sounding like an Elitist, because I’m not.

Ready for my explanation now? I am wearing Strength pieces on my rogue. Yes, I know. Let me explain. My rogue had just power-leveled from Wrath content at 78 to Cataclysm contend at level 81. I have been questing on her to get better pieces. I came across this strength piece. The attack power I’ve gained from the Strength and Crit Cataclysm piece compared to my Agility and Crit Wrath piece was HUGE! Yes, Rogues do get attack power from Strength. Is it better than Agility? Truck no! Agility is way better for Rogues than Strength as far as attack power gain. Now correct me if I’m wrong. I believe it’s +2 attack power per 1 point of Agility for Rogues, and it’s +1 attack power per 1 point of Strength. So if I had a piece that had +20 Agility, I would gain 40 Attack power. If I had a Strength piece that had +20, I would gain 20 attack power. Suppose I had a piece with +60 strength on it? Yes, Agility does give Crit rating. Well, what about that +60 strength piece that adds 60 crit rating? Is that piece better than the piece with +20 Agility? I think so….mathmatically? *looks at calculations* 

Have you come across PuGs that have been wearing pieces that are basically useless for their class? If so, how did you handle it (if you did)? Have you ever been guilty of wearing items simply because of item level and not because it’s beneficial to your spec/class?


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