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Hello All!
So there’s a new part of the Cataclysm event that’s happening right now. I’ve mostly seen the Orgrimmar part of the event. Putting barricades up where the red arrows are, then clearing Districts to be free of Elemental Rifts, and freeing Trapped Citizens via Cleansing Totem. The purpose of these events? I guess so you can queue up for the Special Bosses that are only available for a limited time AFTER you have defended the city? Thunder Bluff holds the key to unlocking the Water and Air Bosses. Orgrimmar is the one responsible for Fire and Earth bosses. I ran multiple runs of each boss yesterday and got some decent loot. Check out Mmo-Champion’s post here for more information.
New patch out 4.0.3. I’m hardly ever excited about Patches…ever. I also found out yesterday that the maximum cap for Honor and Justice Points is 4K. I got some healing T10 on my priest since I was almost at 3.2K justice points. I’m enjoying my priest since it’s a nice change from leveling up my toons. I know I said I would make a little video blog post this week while playing my mage. I decided to do it while playing my priest since healing the special bosses of the Cataclysm event is fun. The Fire boss…is my favorite because people don’t understand to MOVE out of fire. Or maybe my favorite one is the Water Boss. What special Boss is your favorite? I did make an attempt to do a video blog while playing my shaman, but my sound was turned down so NO audio was recorded. I also thought it would going to be a smooth easy dungeon run healing in Crypts. haha….no. I had to cut the video short because I was tired of dying. I didn’t feel like making a little video post during a dungeon run after that. Here’s the video and I had to add a little narration using Audacity and Virtualdub.

Now servers are down, but once they are up…I might do a video blog. I really want to record a video talking about my old account getting hacked. Speaking of which, I received a 3 hour suspension on that account for ‘advertising gold’. Really? A 3 hour suspension for advertising WoW gold for Real Game Currency? That doesn’t seem so bad. I’m not even going to dispute to have the suspension removed even if I was the one doing it because Servers are down anyways! I cannot play on my old account even if I wanted to. *checks accounts* The suspension is expired now.

As you can tell, I also finally made a new layout for my blog. Also made a new Favicon.
AHH Servers are up…or at least mine is…


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