Spore & More

Hello Everyone,
Yes…you probably already figured that this topic will be about Spore (the game). I didn’t think I would like it because it’s not a MMORPG. There’s also no realy way for Michael and me to play together. The creators of the Sims, (although addicting) I never got into the game as for ‘Fun”. Spore….I’m a little impressed with the gameplay. It’s fun. I was a little annoyed at it one time because I could not progress. After fiddling around with it, I did progress very quickly (due to it being on Easy Mode).  I wished EA made the demo to Spore more of a ‘Try-before-you-buy’, rather than ‘Limited gameplay’. I didnt know what to expect because of the limited gameplay from the demo. Although, it definitely surprised me :D I’m especially surprised at the different stages (Cell, Creature, Tribal, Civilization, & Space). Although gameplay is somewhat similar in very stage…it was definitely different. I’m currently on the Space stage and I do not like how you can completely control your spaceship (and all its features).  Well, enough about Spore….
That’s the reason why I kind of stopped Blogging for a bit. Michael and I have been trying to find a game that we can play together but there’s not a lot of variety. We would like a game that’s similar to World of Warcraft as far as gameplay, No subscriptions, and at least decent graphics. I tried FreeRealm.Com. Fun and interesting gameplay. I definitely do not like how the game is run through your browser. I also do not like how if you were to fight something, (like a wolf) you would have to load into a different level to fight, fight the wolf(s) resulting to a doorway opening back to the main world….although I do like how each quest leads to a mini-game in order to complete the quest. Think we might have to settle for Diablo II. Too bad our Xbox stopped working :( It seems it’s easier to find console games than PC games…
We also went to ToysRUs today and we FINALLY got Logan a stuffed penguin. Only cost about $10. It’s SUPER soft which I love but I really wanted to get him a Mumble one. Oh well. Bleh. I’m going to go head for bed. Night!



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