Speaking of Molten Core…

Hello All!
Just thought I’d write a quick blog post. I haven’t played WoW that much today. I got to heal a SQUISHY Death knight tank with 50K hit points. Don’t ask me how. I was healing my butt off trying to heal him through heroic Old Kingdom. Probably doesn’t help that no one was killing the Spellflingers. I decided to watch the movie, ‘Spiders‘ from the year 2000 after running that heroic. I got to to the part where the big A$$ spider pops out of the astronaut’s mouth. Yea, one of the perfect movies to watch when you have Arachnophobia. That’s another good movie too (Arachnophobia). Once I calm down and get my heart at its regular pace, I’m going to run Molten Core with my hubby. After making a vector of Benediction, I decided I want my priest on my new account to have that cool-looking staff! Speaking of Molten Core, (hence the title) I am currently in the process of making a vector of ‘Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros‘. Hand of Ragnaros is one of my favorite two handed maces in the game. It just looks so cool :D The actual vector I am making is currently still a work in progress: [LINK] So far, it looks really cool and I plan on taking my sweet time on it.
Off to Molten Core now!


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