Souls of Mischief

Hello All!
I’m still sick unfortunately…It’s been a week since I started and I’m sick of it (lol). On another note, I only took one screenshot yesterday because…I am so happy to say that the members that are in our new guild are AWESOME!!!! yes, awesome. I mean we did the Weekly Raid, VoA 10, AND ToC 10 all within an hour with no wipes! I know that’s usually not a happy thing to be excited about…but… In our old guild, we would only do ToC 10 then that was it for the week. I got one of my girl friends to join the guild as well. I’m so glad she joined because now I can be in a raid where we can finally two heal raids! (yes, she’s that good and we kick butt together) We’ve recruited a few members and currently have about 15 players to work towards our ICC 25 man. Right now, we’re focusing on recruiting more members for two ICC 10 groups that one would run Friday & Saturday while the other would run Tuesday & Thursday. We would raid from 7:30pm – 11:00pm central. I’m really excited to see how this guild turns out because it’s been FOREVER since I was in a good raiding guild. So far, it looks good and promising. Need to recruit other classes rather than Priests & Warriors.
Yes, this is my first time to see the Battered Hilt drop. I what really got me about this screenshot was that we were freeing slaves for the chain quest. A random mage pug was the one to win it and he’s the same person who wanted to clear for the quest. YAY for pugs… XD.


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One Comment on "Souls of Mischief"

  1. Sushicookie February 3, 2010 at 2:38 PM - Reply

    Ugh- my husband is so obnoxious. He wants me to give him the hilt if it drops for me. Well I don't need it NOW but I did before. lol.
    I haven't seen one drop yet. :

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