Sick Cata Heroics

Hello All!
So I got my priest up to level 85, and she’s currently 335 item level geared. That means she’s geared enough for Heroics, right? Eh, I don’t think so. My priest is probably geared enough for heroics, but I am having such a hard time healing Heroics as a Discipline Priest. Please someone tell me that it gets better with gear? I would like to get rid of some of my 316 greens, and into level 333 blues before actually doing heroics with a PuG. WOTLK expansion really made me lazy :P. I’m slowly getting use to it though. I did my first FULL heroic the other day, and I really would like to just do heroics with a guild till I get more gear. My priest is also maxed out Enchanting, and working towards maxed out Tailoring. Husband and I are pursuing a goal to be able to raid with our guild next week. I don’t think that’ll happen, but we are trying.
I’m also really frustrated at my priest as far as Healing Rotation (if there is one) and Spec. So far, I’m loving this spec that TankSpot has provided with this guide for using Smite (or not) in with your healing rotation. It’s still a pain in the butt to heal in Heroics, but it’s SUPER fun if you are with guildies. So I guess, I’m just running Regular Dungeons to help get people geared for heroics. Another reason why I don’t think I’ll be geared enough for raiding next week.
Oh! I’m also sick! This weather is just making feel all crappy because of how cold it has been in Florida. Husband and I also got to see the Total Lunar Eclipse! Looks really cool through a telescope.
A video of my priest hitting 85!


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