Short Update…

Hello All!
So…I’ve been kind of busy. With the new release of Cataclysm, I’ve been trying to level up my priest who is currently level 84 (I know I’m slow). I’m hoping to be level 85 on her today. I’ve also been trying to get myself ready for my classes which start January 10th. I still have to get my books. I feel like I’m about to get sick with how cold the weather has been in Central Florida. I recently got back from a small quick trip from Tallahassee, FL with my son and husband to attend a friend’s wedding. Beautiful Wedding and Reception. My 6 week post-op doctor’s appointment went great :D I still have to wait 2 more months before doing any sit ups. I have also been watching movies, documentaries, and TV Shows non-stop (even while playing WoW) , thanks to Netflix :D
Here’s a video of my hunter on the Magic Carpet quest to Garrosh’s Landing.


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