Short & Sweet

Hello All!
So I recruited a few more people yesterday. I’m feeling a lot better and have a feeling I’ll be better by tomorrow :D I want to make this post short & sweet. I’ve been busy trying to get the guild organized, recruiting, and interviewing people. I’ve kind of slowed down my chain heroics so I haven’t met any interesting pugs. My husband and I formed a VoA 25 group. It was literally the best split between classes I’ve seen in a raid with no more than three of each class & no more than two of the same spec. :D I was the only resto druid AND I got my T10 legs that drop off the new boss (Toravon) in VoA as well as some PvP resto gloves from Koralon *dances*. I’m a little nervous about the upcoming ICC 25 we’re doing this Tuesday. Just because I have NEVER done a raid with good players. I mean we have players that were from the top progression guild on our server (had to leave for personal reasons, and no bad vibes) and I’m a little worried that it will be the real test of how well I play heal in this game. It especially worries me because I have NEVER been in an ICC 25 group, but I have done ICC 10. So yea…it’ll be interesting. I’m going to end my post at that because I have to feed my son now ^_^
DK Tank left because he wasn’t tanking…yet he was the only one who wanted to roll on DK Tank gear XD. I thought the druid’s comment was hilarious.


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