Seattle Trip: Day 1 & 2

Hello All!
This post is about Day 1 on my Family Washington Trip :) Since Day 1 was mostly a recovery day from our trip, Day 2 will also be included in this post.  

Day 1:
 Arrived at Sea-Tac Airport around 11am PST. We didn’t have any checked baggages so we went straight to Hertz Rental Cars. We were thinking about renting an Impala for our trip but upgraded to a Chevy Tahoe. All I can say is DANG! That SUV/truck is huge compared for my mother-in-law’s Ford Explorer. Glad we did do the upgrade because we ended up to have more comfortable space. The clerk was also nice enough to not charge us for the Car seat :D Save $65 there! After getting our Rental Car, we proceeded to drive to our hotel at Townplace Suites in Renton, WA. The picture above is the ‘Landmark’ building next to our hotel. My son loved the grass in front of the Townplace Suites and he also loved the elevator. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take any real pictures of our room there. Never even crossed my mind haha. I got the laptop unpacked and plugged in our MagicJack to call my dad to let him know about the flight. 30 MBps Internet is sexy! Once we unpacked some of our things, we went to Wal-Mart to buy some groceries and food. 

Before we left the hotel though to Wal-Mart, I had received a voicemail from one of my old Highschool Best Friends, Damian. I haven’t talked to him on the phone since 10th grade, so I immediately called him back to see what was the emergency. He was in town in Washington and was leaving that day around 2:30pm. I looked at the clock and saw the time was almost 2pm. There was just no way that I could’ve seen him before his flight back to Arizona. I was a little sad that I didn’t get to see him. It hurt more to hear him say that he was in the airport shortly before my plane had landed. UGH! haha. It was also my fault because it was poorly planned. I usually don’t get phone calls so I didn’t see the rush of turning my cell phone back on. Had I done that, I would’ve gotten his voicemail. I would’ve called him immediately and we could’ve seen each other for the first time in like 6-7 years. After driving to our hotel from Wal-Mart, we almost got into an accident. Some woman wanted to back up for no reason while the light was red for the left turn lane. My mother-in-law had to go crazy with the horn in order for her to stop. UGH! For dinner, we used ‘2Go Delivery Services’ to order some Smoked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and Gravy. It was good, but I didn’t care for the Smoked Chicken. That was end of Day 1.

Day 2:
   This was still a little recovery day because my son woke up with an upset stomach in the morning. Ever since my son started walking, I usually give my son warm chocolate milk as soon as he gets up in the morning. Since my son doesn’t really talk, I only knew he had an upset stomach when he made gagging sounds as he was trying to drink his warm chocolate milk. After multiple attempts to drink his cocoa, he ended up throwing up. So we waited until he was feeling better before we did anything for the day. He felt better after eating some (or LOTS) of bread and a nap. It was around Noon before we headed to my sister-in-law’s place in Tacoma, WA (at least I’ve been told that’s the city). We stayed at her place for a couple of hours and had Brunch eating some Mediterranean bread stuff. I have no idea what it was, but it was good! One of the items was Chicken with a tangy flavor. I loved that. My son and his younger cousin played for a while and got to know each other before we headed back to our Hotel to rest before going out to Dinner. 

 My sister-in-law and her boyfriend wanted to take us out to eat at this restaurant called ‘Mediterranean Kitchen‘. My son ended up falling asleep on the car ride over there and I’m guessing he was out for the night because no matter what I did, he just slept through it. I ended up eating my dinner right handed due to my son wanting to sleep on my left arm. Being a lefty, I ended up putting a napkin over my son’s head because I just kept spilling rice on him. I had the Chicken Sharma and other various food dishes. I have no idea what I ate, but it was ALL awesome! Especially the Turkish Coffee with Rosewater…O…M…G! Based on how small the coffee came out in tiny cups, I assumed it was really strong so I had to control myself. I wished I could’ve eaten more food! It was just so good. If we ever come back to Washington, I would love to visit that restaurant again. After dinner, we went back to our hotel. That was the end of Day 2. 



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