Saurfang ICC 25!

Hello All!!
I’m so sorry I haven’t been posted as much but…I’m super excited and happy to say that our guild’s first ICC 25 run went up to Saurfang last night ^_^. We had to group up with about 5 puggies because of the crappy storms people were having like snow. There was no druid loot and we ended up kicking a guildie out of the guild because he was SOOOO annoying with his spam in raid chat. I feel bad but with multiple officers telling him to be quiet, he wouldn’t stop. Sorry, dude! Best of Luck to ya! We’re continuing tonight and I’m hoping it goes well. Obsidian Sanctum tonight for my 3 drake zerg! I also got my trinket from frost badges and now I have 44.8K HP with Mark! Woot! I also got the blue drake from Heroic Oculus on my druid!! */dance*


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