Saga’s Challenge: Why This Blog Name? [Day 7]

Hello All!
So it’s day 7 of Saga’s 20 day Blogging Challenge! I’ve officially been doing this for a week! I’m suppose to talk about Why I chose the name of my blog. I’m also going to talk about why I chose the domain: for my blog.
Mia’s Squeaks: The Life of a WoW Player is my Blog Name, or Mia’s Squeaks for short. I chose this because everyone in-game would call me Mia. It’s short compared to my priest’s name Miaca (Mee-Ah-ka). So there’s the “Mia” in Mia’s Squeaks. The “Squeaks” comes from World of Warcraft too. There was a undead rogue in my old guild called “Rong”; and we used to call dad “Uncle” in our guild, Undying. Rong called me Mouse instead of Mia, because of my high voice in Ventrilo. Well, time went on and I lost contact with Rong and Uncle. When I first made this blog, I originally named it “Mia’s Blog”. I had a mage friend, Hauls read “Mia’s Blog” and he told me I should name my blog, “Mia’s Squeaks”. When he mentioned it, I thought it was perfect! Even though he was joking. My voice is still somewhat high. People who hear me rambling in Ventrilo, might get this image of “Squeak, Squeak, Squeak” like a mouse :P So there’s the “Squeaks” part of it.
As far as, I originally chose my real name as my domain name for about a year. Then I thought it was weird to have my real name in a domain name, so I didn’t renew its registration. So why not get a domain name like I chose simply because it works for me. Back in Burning Crusade (before dual specs), we would farm for our friends and other people. We would charge a very small amount of gold in exchange our services (sometimes). Now, this was for people who needed stuff to be farmed. This means that we were not farming so people could sell it on the Auction House. We were farming so they could get upgrades, enchants, or level up their professions. Well, it got to the point where people were taking advantage of us and selling stuff we had farmed for them on the Auction House. They never gave us a cut. At the time, my husband and I were not in a “actual” guild. We were in a “bank” guild. We decided to make our own guild called “Go Farm Yourself”. It was perfect! Now if people ask us to farm for them, we’d say “Read the Guild tag, fool!” At the time, was taken, and that’s how I got “
We liked the name so much that when my hubby and I decided to make a raiding guild, we named it “Go Farm Yoursëlf”. Of course, we still have those two GFY guilds. We’re currently in the process of getting rid of “Go Farm Yoursëlf”, and keeping “Go Farm Yourself”. There’s really no need for two guild banks, especially since almost all of my and hubby’s toons are in Blood of Heroes vXv. It feels like home now. I’ve been debating on changing my domain name to, but I’ve kind of grown to since I’ve had it for almost two years. I think I’m going to keep it!

P.S – I also wrote a post on Dear_Gnome here. I couldn’t help myself. I had to do it.


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