Saga’s Challenge: Website Favorites [Day 10]

Hello Everyone!
So day 10 of Saga’s 20 day Blogging Challenge! I have to mention some of my favorite websites or blogs. Since all my favorite blogs are under “WoW Blogs” on the right side of my page, I’m going with my Top 10 Favorite websites that I try to visit every day.
  1. Facebook – It’s kind of obvious. I like visiting this website to keep in touch with old friends.
  2. YouTube – Watching FailBlog videos, Tutorials, and other random videos that people upload on there.
  3. Deviantart – Because I’m jealous of artists that draw really well. I surf this website to look up at some cool tutorials. I also submit my icky drawings on this website.
  4. Local News – Because I don’t watch the news or read it in the newspaper! I read it online.
  5. Forums – What can I say? I visit this website out of boredom. One of my favorite programs. I also get updates to Paint.Net Plug-Ins on this website.
  6. Inkscape Forums – I look at this website from time to time. Just to see if there’s anything new. See new Art Submissions from other users.
  7. – I like the Humor stuff they put in their forums. They have funny stuff there :)
  8. – I visit this website from time to time, but It’s a good website to search for stuff if I have a question about parenting. I get advice from other moms, plus there’s a great WoW Mom group :)
  9. Mmo Champion – Because they sometimes have funny comics/comments in their posts about upcoming patches.
  10. – I like reading comments about certain items that I’m curious about.
Well, there you go. My top 10 favorite websites that I visit.


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Myspace
  • Google Buzz
  • Reddit
  • Stumnleupon
  • Delicious
  • Digg
  • Technorati

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