Saga’s Challenge: My Desk [Day 6]

Hello Everyone!
So This post will be about my desk/workplace according to Saga’s 20 day Blogging Challenge. I’m too lazy to post or take a picture of my desk. So I’ll try my best to describe it. Also it’s going to be a short description because there’s nothing on my desk, but my Sony Vaio laptop and my Logitech wired optical mouse. So I’ll probably add something about my day.
It’s a black writing desk that we got at OfficeMax on sale. It costed about $40, when the original price was about $100. I honestly forget the width, but I think it’s 36 inches. Well, it’s a writing desk. It has a drawer in the middle of it, and it had latches so you can have the face of the drawer down. Perfect if you have a key board or need more writing space. I unfortunately have a bunch of stuff in the drawer. A Legal Writing Tablet, my Headset, Instruction Manuals for our Nintendo Wii, my Camera, my USB Memory Card Reader, My WoW Authenticator, and Nintendo Wii-motes. That’s basically it.
On a different subject now, I’ve been trying to level up my goblin rogue with my hubby’s warlock. We’re currently level 34. I really don’t like my rogue, but she’s lucky she’s looks so cute with her BoA Ninja Mask. It’s what keeps my motivation up in leveling her. Spring Break for us is on March 25th until April 4th. My husband and I will be back in school on April 5th. I’m looking forward to having no school during that week. I also got my Medical Terminology homework done in advance, so I don’t have to do that during Spring Break. I also received a call from my cousin, Nikki and that call made my week :) I love it when she calls. Not looking forward to my son’s doctor’s visit on Monday. He’s going to get a shot =X. Poor little guy. I’m currently watching Ghostbusters on Nick@Nite…eh, guess I should level my rogue…yea, I think I’ll do that.


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