Saga’s Challenge: First day playing WoW [Day 3]

Hello everyone!
The third post of Saga’s 20 day blogging challenge, which is about my first day playing World of Warcraft. A couple of days after I graduated High School, I moved into my former boyfriend’s house. It was a pretty cute and small house in a small community so there wasn’t much to do around a small town. My former boyfriend got introduced to WoW by a couple of his high school friends, and ended up joining a raiding guild on a PvP server. The raiding guild started their raids at like 7pm during which my boyfriend was at work. One day, my former boyfriend asked me if I could do him a favor and raid on his rogue. So being the sweet person that I am, I decided to help him by playing his level 60 rogue while he worked.
The guild, Undying was doing Molten Core. It was very long and boring, and I remembered getting kind of nervous because the guild leader was constantly yelling on Ventrilo. Actually I think I got nervous by all the guys in Ventrilo, hoping they wouldn’t make me talk. I of course died a couple of times and failed at DPS (at least I think I did). Then a piece of Nightslayer loot dropped that automatically went to my boyfriend’s rogue, because he was the only one out of the rogues who needed it. I believe it was boots, but I’m not sure. Then it happened. They asked me to speak in Ventrilo, in order for me get the loot that dropped. I hesitated, but I finally got the courage to speak in Ventrilo. Of course, I remember all the guys saying “Omg! Hit puberty yet?!”…I ended up telling them that I was playing for my boyfriend while he worked. Yea, I hate how my voice sounds on Ventrilo. So I spent my first day playing World of Warcraft in a level 60 raid with a bunch of guys making fun of my voice…joy! From what I remembered, this is where my hatred for Rogues started. I was spending anywhere from 6 to 10 hours a day raiding on a rogue for about a month. (More to why I hate rogues another day…)
Now the actual first day I started playing my OWN character… I eventually grew to love playing World of Warcraft and ended up making an gnome warlock on a PvE server. I remember thinking “Oh she’s SO cute!” Unfortunately, I made it to level 9, and thought “wow, this is boring” and I couldn’t get the motivation to keep on leveling her. I ended up deleting that character and made an undead priest on my boyfriend’s PvP Server. I honestly remember thinking “Oh gosh! This is painful! Why did I make a Priest?!” Next thing I knew, I was level 12. I remember thinking “Oh WoW! That happened quickly!” I honestly don’t know how I ended up being level 12…but I was. I remember trying to skip the quest to kill the spiders near the starting area. I hate spiders. Yes, I know a lot about them and they are truly amazing creatures, but they just freak me out. I remember freaking out at all the mobs attacking my squishy priest. I remember thinking “OH COOL!” at the murlocs. I don’t remember if what level I stopped at that day. But that was my first days playing WoW.


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