Saga’s Challenge: 10 things about me [Day 8]

Hello All!
This post will be the hardest for me to write about. Day 8 of Saga’s 20 day Blogging Challenge states that I have to write up 10 things about me that you don’t know already…
  1. I have scoliosis. I don’t know how bad my scoliosis is, but it’s bad enough that my right leg feels like a 1/4 inch shorter than my left leg. I want to go to the doctor to get it checked to see how bad it is.
  2. I don’t play WoW as much as my hubby does. I only play for a couple of hours at night.
  3. I’ve only lived in Florida for almost 4 years.
  4. My hometown is Visalia, California.
  5. I don’t like sports. I never could get into them, unless someone I know is playing it.
  6. I used to be into wrestling when I was younger. After the Rock left and Stone Cold Steve Austin, wrestling got stupid. I kind of want to get back into it again.
  7. Because of my fear of spiders, I’m easily freaked out by insects. Once I confirm it is not a spider, I won’t be freaked out.
  8. I hate flying insects. They are so annoying.
  9. My best friend lives about 8-9 hours away, and I wished we were next door neighbors.
  10. When my hubby is waiting on his dungeon queue, I’ll surf the internet on his laptop.
Ok…that was hard.


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