Renaissance Heroes [PC]

8.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Maps: 8/10
Characters: 8/10

Sniper Zoom | MVP Acknowledgement

Best to play with a Gamepad or Controller | 1280x720 resolution.

Hello All,

I recently won a ‘Renaissance Heroes’ Beta key from a contest that I entered on Twitter. I was a bit leery at first to enter the contest because it was about 6 hours until the winners were announced. After seeing the trailer to the game, I decided to enter anyways. So thanks to the courtesy of Beso, I am able to write my experience in the Beta for Renaissance Heroes!

I’m not going to lie. I really sucked when it comes to this game, which is really irritating. Why? Mainly because the gameplay feels similar to playing Halo 2, and I rocked at Halo 2 on Xbox Live. Of course, that probably has changed because I haven’t played since 2006, but never that. Instead of rocket launchers, you have cannons. Snipers are replaced with crossbows, while battle rifles are changed to machine guns. You get points and level up based on the wins you get in a game. You can use the points to boost your characters with weapon upgrades or stat boosts such as Increased Weapon Firing for free in their shop. Some of the complaints I have are minimal. I was having trouble telling the difference between teams. The main reason was because you don’t actually wear your team’s color, and the enemy has an arrow above their head. I still have no idea how to throw grenades, and I couldn’t find anything under the ‘Key Bindings” setup. I also couldn’t change my resolution to 1366×768 because the maximum resolution was 1280×720. No matter. Regardless of the troubles I encountered, Renaissance Heroes is a pretty fun game to play. I would recommended it to all my friends to try it out, when it becomes  open to public.

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Full Story:
Publisher: Us.ChangYou
Console: PC – Free to Play & Download
Type: First Person Shooter


One of my Playthroughs:


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