Resto Druid Tanking?

Hello All,
I was so tired yesterday that I really didn’t get to do anything. I got my T9 Helm on my druid, gemmed, & Enchanted. I love having all the professions maxed out so I’m able to make everything. We actually farm too so there’s usually never a shortage of supply of things. It’s awesome. Anyways, I ran enough heroics to get my T9 Chest piece. YAY! Four set bonus! Now on to the accessories then Legs. Excluding my T9 Legs, I need a total of almost 200 Triumph Emblems to get all the gear I need to raid. Well, actually I’m hoping it’s enough to raid ICC 10. As stated in my previous blog, I plan on having a gearscore of 4600 before I’m even allowed to walk through the ICC entrance. I also did something really silly with my husband yesterday before our ICC 10 raid tonight.
Yes, I queued up as tank while my husband queued up as a healer for random Heroics. Resto druid tanking! haha. but no, I didn’t really. I just wanted to see what people thought and would say about it. “umm, You have 19k HP. You in tank gear?”…I’ll just respond with “It’s not hard to spam lacerate and Taunt”. HAHA! I actually had a druid ‘tank’ say that in party one time. Back in Burning Crusade, my husband and I were doing heroic Botanica together but we needed a tank. My husband spams General Chat in Netherstorm hoping there would be a tank in the local area. He gets a tell, invites the druid, and we summon the druid. When we zoned into the instance, we started to inspect his gear….yea he was in a Full PvP Resto set (just remember it was epics. don’t remember which set it was). We asked him where his tank set was and he just responded with “it’s not hard to spam Lacerate & Taunt“…yea, idiot. I can’t heal you in just Full PvP gear, let alone Full PvP Resto gear. I believe I was healing on my druid so I could get the Spirit trinket that drops off the last boss in heroic Botanica, but I could be wrong.

Anyways, I forgot to mention in my last blog post that I got my Shave & Haircut Achievement. What did I change? Nothing really. I changed my horns on my druid & my skin tone to match my husband’s Druid. Now I am a Black & White cow like those Dairy Cows. Moooo. I’m still getting used to it especially since I’m used to seeing a Brown bear; now it’s a black bear. As much as I love my tree form, I want to look at my druid. So sometimes, I’ll just heal without my tree form. I’m really liking the new skins though for bear & cat forms. They are just too cute compared to the the old skins.

Last night, we did attempts on Festergut. We got him down to around 24%. Healing is such a big pain in the tush. We had a priest, a Paladin and me on my shaman healing this fight. Tanks were just going down too quickly. I think HoTs would help on this fight so when healers are casting their heals, HoTs are ticking. Then again, I really want to bring my druid to this raid. I don’t really know what went wrong other than people not paying attention. I was so tired yesterday that I fell asleep listening to people in Ventrilo while we were waiting on people to be done with their heroics. So I was not really focused. As more attempts went on, you can tell people were not in the mood to deal with Festergut. I’m really suprised that we got him down to 24% and we probably would’ve had him if we didn’t have all these flukes. Blah….

I’m hoping there’s no raids going on today. I just want to do chain heroics so I can get my 200 emblems and go “BAM! I’m geared!”. Reason why I’m collecting 200 emblems rather than going for a set number at a time is because I really don’t know which item to go for next. I just know what items I want. So, I’m going for all of them at once. Going to have to end this blog post short. My sister-in-law just walked through the door and we hardly see her :D YAY! She brought her black Labrador over too!



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