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Hello All!

I decided to take a break with Inkscape by playing some WoW and do battlegrounds with my best friends, Lildevil and Deviltrigger. Before I get into it, I also got the ‘Well Read‘ achievement on my priest with my hubby :) One day, I plan on actually reading these books when I have the time. I’ve always wanted this achievement, so I finally decided to go for it and I got it! WooT! Now back to some PvP.

I first did some battlegrounds on my gimp 3.5K GS PvE resto druid. She is my only level 80 healer at this time and I prefer to heal in battlegrounds. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I hate druid healing. It’s one of my least favorite classes to heal with. HoTs and me just don’t mix well. In PvP healing as a resto druid, I do decent. I love being able to stealth and pounce on people when they are not looking, Immobilizing them with Cyclone and Entangling Roots, and Travel Form! It’s fun PvPing on a druid, especially if you have gear. I wasn’t top healing, because my competition is usually people who are at least 1K gearscore higher than me. I shouldn’t be able to beat them! Especially if I’m getting two shot by all the classes. So I did enough battlegrounds on my druid for her to get her Resto PvP Bracers. Yay! My first PvP gear on my new account! After a few hours of battlegrounds and losing them, Lildevil and Deviltrigger then had to go do some things.

I then decided to do some battlegrounds on my level 73 discipline priest while they were away. I did enough battlegrounds to get me to level 74 and get her level 80 PvP bracers. Why level 80? Because I’m not going to spend honor on PvP gear that’s going to be useless when my priest is 80. I don’t need PvP gear on my priest right now because most likely, alliance won’t have good gear to kill me. I’ve noticed I survive A LOT longer on my priest than my druid. Most likely because I’m going up against people in power leveling gear. I think I do well at surviving considering that I’m usually the only healer in Battlegrounds on my priest. We mostly won Arathi Basin, which was great considering it was the ‘Calls of Arms’ for the weekend. My goal is to get my priest to 80 before I stop playing on September 22nd. I’m not quitting the game. Just taking a little break to hang out with my family :) After doing those battlegrounds, Lildevil and Deviltrigger came back in time to do two battlegrounds before Deviltrigger called it a night. Lildevil and I did two battlegrounds on my level 74 priest and her level 77 shaman before we called it a night all together. The last two battlegrounds were awesome. Lildevil and I were the only two healers and we got to run around between our bases healing those who were being attacked by 5-7 alliance players. It was great!

As I was getting ready to go to bed and thinking about these battlegrounds, I realized why we lost a battleground 95% of the time. I believe it has to do leaving your healers to defend a base when we COULD be healing our allies who were fighting for a base. I just don’t think that your only healer shouldn’t be defending a base all by themselves. What are we going to do? Heal them to death? Oh wait, no. I’ll heal myself to my death. Healers most likely cannot kill against 2-3 enemies. Fighting on roads and away from the flag is stupid. The only time I’ve EVER stopped to fight on roads or away from the flag is if there’s a ranged who is killing my healer. Other than that, I just back up? To get out of their range and draw them closer to the flag. I don’t fall for that strategy. I hate that ‘draw the enemies away from the flag while someone sneaks up from behind to take the flag’ strategy. We fell for that numerous of times. Yea, one of the reasons why I don’t like fighting away from my precious flag. Pussyfooters who are scared to take charge unless a bunch of people are going with you too. If you die, you get revived in 30 seconds or less. Quit being scared to die! T_T

Overall, I really enjoyed PvP healing on my toons. I decided that until Cataclysm comes out, I’m going to be PvPing on my toons. Raiding and dealing with people in ventrilo (which most pugs tend to want you in Ventrilo) just doesn’t sound appealing to me. Doing heroics to get badges isn’t fun to me either because I know the instances by heart. It’s somewhat boring. At least in Battlegrounds, you get a variety of players and their gear. Getting PvE gear will just mean how easy questing in Cataclysm is going to be. I would rather take my time. I’ve always wanted a PvP geared toon and I’ve decided that toon is going to be my priest. Hopefully, before Cataclysm is up, she’ll be fully geared in PvP and level 80. HA….doubt it, but I can hope.



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