PvE Fun fun time !

Well I had an interesting night last night, and I have a few screenshots for you guys :P. First thing I did on WoW was tanking a heroic Random – Gun’Drak – on my deathknight for two of my guildies. One of them just turned level 80 on his hunter and his pet was level 63 (I think). The other was playing his geared hunter. It was going alone fine up until the newly 80 hunter’s pet pulled the room after the 2nd boss with the bats. Kill our Ret paladin (he deserved it) Then we wiped on King Dred because the geared hunter thought I was able to tank the boss AND the six raptors needed for the achievement because HIS warrior is able to tank it. I have never done the achievement tanking ALL the raptors; I always did it killing a couple of raptors at a time while King Dred is in combat and on the tank till all six raptors were dead. We would then proceed to kill the boss. I don’t remember my guildie’s gear on his warrior but I’m pretty sure he’s more geared. I’m a frost dual-wielding tank with 34k HP unbuffed with only 26% dodge and 19% parry. I also seem to notice that Deathknights are more squishy compared to Warriors and Paladins. I believe it’s because of their block value from their shields, but I could be wrong. I started noticing how squishy Deathknights are because out of ALL the tanks my husband has, I struggle healing his deathknight. Actually, it’s all deathknights I have trouble with. No matter how geared they are.

At the end of the run, I decided to run a few dungeons on my druid but I only did Halls of Stone (I’m starting to get burnt out of that place) before I decided to call it quits. I had a tank up and leave without saying a word during the escort part, and we were clearing with Brann in motion! The run was going so smoothly too. We ended up getting another tank and Brann does stop for you to talk to him before actually starting the escort part. We finished the run with no problems at all. After that, I did some quests on druid as resto to finally hit level 79 WOOT! I continuted to quest till I got ganked by a 79 hunter. Since it was an hour or so before the ICC 10 raid started, I signed onto my shaman; logged onto vent and was alt tabbed. Just waiting for the raid to start at 7:30 server…We started pulling trash at 8pm server. My guild was really sloppy last night, it was almost hilarious. We wiped one the first couple of pulls in the first room. I’m not really sure how either which I guess why it was funny. By the time we wiped on Lord Marrowgar, my husband and the other paladin had me set as a target for a Divine Intervention (I’d just take the buff off so the second paladin can do it to me). Most of the time, it would save 2-3 of us from a couple of repair bills. That’s if I don’t get D/Ied near mobs where I’m going to die anyways.

We didn’t have any wipes in the first wing after we downed the first boss (we did have people die though). I didn’t die on the Gunship Battle (YAY!) My husband got a new shield in to replace his shield from Heroic Culling Stratholme. I went as Elemental dpsing Deathbringer Saurfang. I also ended up healing because one of our healers died from his mark. After we downed Saurfang, (3 hours total), we cleared the first wing of ICC 10 – which we usually do every week – and wiped a couple of time from trash pulls before pulling the dogs. Too many people dying from Blight bombs & healers turning into blobs. We wiped one time on Stinky, but we got him down for the first time :D People keep mistaking Festergut with Rotface. Yes they are both ugly-looking and they are twins (I think since they look the same) Festergut is the one on the left with Stinky as his guard dog. Rotface is the boss on the right with his guard dog as Precious. You need to down these two bosses before going into Professor Putricide. Last week, we did attempts on Rotface. Festergut is the one with the 5 minute enrage timer which according to my husband’s calculations (haha sounds so smart :P), you need about 5000 to 5500 DPS in order to beat him in 5 minutes (HA it says that in wowhead too!). We don’t have much people who can do that kind of DPS in our guild that I know of. So I doubt we’ll get any where any time soon with Festergut. Since Rotface doesn’t have an enrage timer, I’m hoping we’ll get him down some time soon. After one lame attempt on Festergut (more like we went in to stand and die), we called it quits till Friday night.

So I spew on Festurgut. I didn’t get any new loot but no caster mail dropped. I’m the kind of person that if I am comfortable with my gear, I’ll pass on it. I passed a neck to a Mage because not only did it seem like a DPS neck rather than a healing neck but I was comfortable with my neck till the next one drops and it gets handed to me :D My guild has this rule in our raids – one loot item per run unless no one else wants it – so far, it’s awesome …point is…I’m a loot passer. After the raid, I did regular Utgarde Pinnacle with my husband on my druid. I’m really hoping on hitting 80 on her sometime before the next maintenance. Trial of the Champion 10 man raid tomorrow night. I have no idea of what to do tonight other than quest on my druid. I went to bed around 2am and I woke up around 7:30am (thanks son). Not really in a good mood haha. Anyways, hungry…food! Breakfast. :P


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  1. Sushicookie January 13, 2010 at 7:04 PM - Reply

    LOl the spewing pic. XD

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