PvE 101

Today, I would like to write a few tips of what I think are PvE 101. These tips are not mandatory but every player should know them before joining a raid or party. These may also be separate into different categories (tank, healer, and dps) but the rules are generally simple. I’ll try not to get into too much detail since I don’t wait to explain everything.

1) Know your abilities & utilize them if the situation requires it – Know where everything is. With every new patch, be sure to read the patch notes or tooltips of all your abilities to be sure nothing has changed. Every spell is useful for something (except teleport: Moonglade). Buffing can also be a pain but every little bit helps.
a) TANKS: Use spell interrupts during tanking. You may also use your damage reduction cool downs/trinkets. These will help reduce the damage you take and make it a lot easier on your healer. It would also help to have some abilities up like Frost presence, Defensive Stance, Righteous fury, and Bear Form.
b) HEALERS: Don’t be afraid to use spells because they are not ‘mana-efficient ‘. Sometimes your party/raid needs more than just a simple chain heal, riptide, flash of light, or prayer of mending; throw up those big heals if you have to. Dispelling a debuff may also help ease your healing.
c) DPS: you may be focusing on being top damage but sometimes interrupting certain spells can hurt enough to cause a wipe. This would also be helpful to an under-geared healer to heal the tank if you interrupt spells from time to time. Use your abilities to redirect your threat to the tank to make it easier for him to gain threat. Be sure not to use your ‘taunting’ abilities to taunt off the tank. This may cause the tank to lose aggro for a bit and can have the potential for a wipe.

2) Know your Stats and Talents – There are some specs that allow you to reduce the threat of your spells. These are very helpful in PvE, but some PvPers who do dungeons/raids from time to time don’t have the reduce threat. Be sure to focus on other stats rather than one or two kinds.
a) TANKS: Stamina is great, but don’t forget your damage reduction. There are some talents that reduce the damage you take, but don’t forget your gear. I’m talking about Parry, Block, Dodge, Defense, and Armor. The defense cap at level 80 for a raid boss is 540. If you hover over your armor, it say ‘reduce damage taken by at least 60%’ There’s only so much damage you can take at once if you can’t ‘avoid’ them.
b) HEALERS: Spellpower, Crit, and Haste are great for big fast heals but don’t neglect your mana regeneration. Priest and Druids have talents that allow their mana to continue while casting (Meditation/Intensity) based on their spirit. Priests and Druid are spirit healers, while Shamans and Paladins are Mana per 5 healers. If you don’t have enough regeneration, you can only heal for so long in combat.
c) DPS: Don’t forget your hit! There are talents for every class to increase their hit chance for their abilities, but the hit cap for melee is 9% while the hit cap for spells is 17%. Also it would help your party if you had talents to reduce threat. You pulling aggro off the tank doesn’t mean you are so ‘1337’ in your damage, you have too much threat.

3) Watch your Aggro – Believe it or not, there are mobs out there that drop or reset their aggro. You have to watch out how much threat you are putting out when that time comes. There are some add-ons like Omen that help remind of where you stand on threat.
a) TANKS: Being the tank, you should be the highest on threat. Use high threat moves as much as possible if you can. If you pull the mobs, try and tank them all. If you cannot tank them all, at least make sure mobs are off your healer; even the ones that drop aggro. Try to get a little bit of threat on other targets before focusing on one target.
b) HEALERS: Yes…You can get healing aggro! Especially if you don’t have the reduce talents. Be sure not to heal when the tank hasn’t touched any mobs yet. If you put up HoTs, be sure it’s right after he hits the mobs. Otherwise when those HoTs tick, you’ll be getting aggro.
c) DPS: Sometimes the tank can’t keep up with the high DPS of the group, use your spells & abilities to reduce or redirect your threat. Also don’t go all out at the start when the tank hasn’t had a chance to produce any threat. If you have to, stop DPSing while the tank regains his threat. This does include auto attack.

4) Don’t expect or assume an easy run – There are some situations that can make it hard for everyone to do their job correctly like Bugs in-game, disconnection, or Lagg. Always expect the unexpected! Be aware and careful of your surroundings.
a) TANKS: Being the tank, you have overall control to the pace your party travels at. Don’t chain pull and expect everyone to always keep up with you. Be sure everyone is ready for or at least can handle the next pull before you pull it. Don’t expect the healer to always keep you at full health before a pull. Don’t expect DPS to interrupt spells when they should. Be careful how you pull mobs because you may get additional mobs.
b) HEALERS: Don’t expect the tank to come running to you every time there is a mob on you, fear or kite the mob if you have to. With that said, don’t go running around the room like a chicken with its head cut off; Kite the mob to the tank. Don’t expect the tank to keep aggro off of the DPS. Watch out for patrolling mobs around you as you’re healing. Your main priority is to keep the tank alive. If you choose to let a DPS die or the tank die, don’t be afraid to choose the Tank. Don’t even think about trying to ‘keep both alive’.
c) DPS: Don’t expect the tank to keep aggro off of you while you continue to DPS. Don’t expect like you are the main priority of the healer to keep you up. Don’t pull and expect the tank to pick the mobs off of you. You most likely don’t have the avoidance or the hit points to tank a mob. So let the tank pull. Be careful and aware of where you stand. Some mobs have a hurtful cleave. If you were to stand in front of them, you may die. If you DPS from behind a mob, be aware of how close you are to other mobs because you may accidently pull them.

5) Don’t be a jerk or get offended – We all know World of Warcraft is one of the biggest MMORPG game in the world. We all love this game and yet some people tend to ruin the game for others. Being a jerk is NEVER cool in Real Life or in-game.
a) Main Specs before Off Specs: With the cross-realm Dungeon finder, tanks and Healers have shorter queue times than DPS specs. On my server, DPS queue times can range from 15-20 minutes. This does not give tanks/healers to roll on DPS gear. Be sure to roll on gear that your role is in that group. Tanks roll on Tank gear, DPS on DPS gear, and healing on Healing gear. Be sure to ask others before rolling on off spec items.
b) Criticism: Don’t get offended at first if someone asks if you are using certain abilities, they may be gathering some kind of information. Reread the comment over and over before assuming it’s a hostile response. There’s a difference between “Um, why didn’t you bubble?” and “FFS, Just bubble you F**king noob! Also read and follow the comments of your party members for the strategy of the boss.
c) Insulting Remarks: Don’t put down other players for their play style. If you don’t agree with their play style, offer some help before putting them down with remarks like “L2Play NOOB!”, “You Suck!” or “QQ MORE!” These remarks do not make sound cooler. If you do get insulting remarks like these but necessarily agree with them, having proof to support your argument can help quiet those remarks. Addons like Recount provide a feature to show things like Healing Done, Damage Done, Damage Taken. You can report these to your party to quiet the trouble maker :D There’s always /ignore! [except you can’t ignore people not on your server :(]

I’ll try to add more if I can think of some…For now, That’s all I can think of.



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