PuGs on my Druid

Hello All,
I didn’t get to do anything on World of Warcraft till about 8:30pm. Most of the time, I was redoing the titles on this blog; which I will post a tutorial about some day in the future. I did do a couple of random heroics….just Forge of Souls for my Frost badges and..Heroic Halls of Stone. I just loaded into the group with just the Maiden Boss & Gruul boss killed. I was healing a Druid tank with 23K HP and in mostly Blues, which is mainly level 76 and under blues.
I don’t mind healing the gimp every once in a while especially a Gimp Tank. I like to give them a confidence boost on their tanking. I just wish they would at least try to know the fights they are tanking and try to tank for tank gear. Something also kind of came to mind while healing this particular gimp tank. With the new Looking-For-Group system, it’s just best to tank the instance instead for tank gear. Faster Queue times that way because people are not going to (or at least don’t want to) queue up as a DPS and wait for 15-20 mins when queueing as a tank has less than a 2 min wait (on my server). So Bravo, Herbister. Bravo for trying to tank a Heroic with DPS gear that just has High Stamina and you still queued up as a tank to get tank gear (and there was no sarcasm in that statement. A Serious Clap for this guy). With that said, we did wipe three times total; technically two since I lived through the escort:P
Yes, I did say “You guys Fail” but I added a ‘LOL’ after that simply because they all stayed in the beam. I didn’t mean it as an insulting remark, just something that made me laugh heance the ‘LOL’. Healing a Gimp Tank tanking the mobs in the beam plus three DPS in the beam equals death for you guys haha. After the escort part, we wiped on the last boss twice because people wanted to DPS the boss while I have adds on me and while the boss does his Lightning Ring ability. I left as soon as it said the boss died and I got my Triumph Badges because they asked me to run another heroic…No thanks :P
After doing that run and waiting for my husband to finish talking to my mother-in-law, I decided to do Regular Dungeons through the Looking-For-Group system on my druid. I was only able to do Gun’Drak before my husband was able to tank for me before the next dungeon. Hilarious fun. Not only the chat involved with Lower level player but the overall intelligence the players have. People either freaked out because there’s an 80 pally tank with 44k HP OR they freaked out because they thought it was a lower level tank thinking “OMG too many mobs”. What really got me was there was some people who thought “YAY! Maxed level toon! Smooth run!”. No, people!. That’s not how it works:
1) Level 80 is not some divine holy level that makes you invulnerable to everything. Level 80s can still die to mobs. For that matter, you’re a lower level toon! YOU can still aggro mobs that do not aggro onto the level 80, thus YOU die to mobs.
2) Do not go idiotic when you see a Maxed level toon (level 80 for Northrend). As in pulling mobs before the level 80 can!
3) Do not think you are being carried because you are not. Continue doing your job DPSing (if anyone was going to be carried, it’s me because I am his wife :P)
My druid is only level 76 and she is dual speced Resto and Feral Tank. I don’t care for Druid Healing…I’m more of a Direct healer than HoTs. While doing a couple of Dungeons, I started to get used to healing as a tree. It’s not so bad if people are gimp and there’s nothing I could do because they are taking so much damage. My husband says Healing gets a lot easier once I get Nourish and his comment was: “Can you imagine healing without your Flash Heal on your Priest?”…(even though I hardly use Flash that often)…No, I cannot. I simply cannot wait for my druid to be 80 and get her Nourish. I’m still debating whether or not my druid should be a tank or a healer. I already have two 80 healers and a 80 tank; I need another tank to make it even haha. I am a healer at heart though. Since I’ve never really got to experience healing as a druid in Burning Crusade except when I wanted to do battlegrounds (I am an awesome healer at PvP :P), I’m kind of leaning towards being a druid healer. I could gather tank gear along the way and switch once my tank set is decent. Right now, I look so gimp since I’m using the Cloth Shoulder & Robe Heirlooms for healing because they have spell power and higher Spirit than my epic 70 leather.

OH! Another thing I did last night was put in a Twitter Widget onto my sidebar. I’m not much into twittering because I don’t have a Unlimited texting plan on our Family Plan (though I do wish we did have it). I installed this program called TweetCraft; it allows me to use twitter while playing World of Warcraft. I like it because it allows me to twitter while I’m waiting on people who are AFK in an instance or raid. I could twitter while on the Flight Path or waiting for my random heroic Queue to pop. One flaw that I really don’t like is the ‘addon’ requires reloading you UI in order to send/receive tweets. This is still a better option since sometimes I cannot risk alt tabbing, getting disconnecting, and restarting my computer. It can be a pain if you’re one of those that need to check every 2-3 minutes and WoW locks up on you from time to time. You can also ‘queue’ your tweets so they can be sent when you decide to reload your UI. There are chat commands so you don’t have to have the TweetCraft window open on your screen. You can have it set to autotweet an achievement, changing zones, or zone into an instance. I mainly have it for the autotweet feature and hopefully make me use Twitter more often.
After a few multiple runs of Halls of Stone, Drak’tharon Keep, and Gun’Drak; a guildie ended up joining us on his Level 77 hunter. Hilarious guy. I absolutely love him :D
After hitting level 77, I was able to do and heal Utgarde Pinnacle. I couldn’t get the quest that you get at the entrance of the zone but I did finish the instance with small counts of death. I did get a new ring from Halls of Stone. I have nothing planned for today other than that. Maybe the Cooking daily on my priest for the Northern Spices for future fish feasts. I hope we don’t raid tonight so I can play my druid. I’m just over 50% to 78. I might as well finish leveling my druid since she’s less than three levels from level 80. My guild doesn’t have a set raid schedule other than 7:30pm Server time. Seems to me…we raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Most everyone in the guild has multiple 80s so we’re able to raid multiple times during the week. I still hope we’re not raiding tonight :P DRUID TIME! haha. Speaking of which, I’m going to do that now.


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