PuG Peeves…

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, I did a Zandalari Heroics with a bunch of guildies on my shaman. My shaman is going to be my next toon that I am going to gear up. Joy! So far, she’s gimp as all heck. I’ll talk about her gear later. Right now, I wanted to talk about the kinds of PuGs I really dislike.

1) Liars – I really dislike it when everyone is inside the instance, with the exception of ONE person. That ONE person says in party chat, “Sorry! I have to repair first” or “Hold on, let me finish this quest”. When I can clearly see as I hovor over their portrait, that they are in Orgrimmar dueling. “Stupid Alliance”…I mean really? You think I’m that dumb? Why are you doing a duel anyways? Your queue popped! Zone in and do the dungeon or Leave party. You know what’s really funny? It’s always a DPS that’s doing it. I would think you would want to actually do a dungeon after waiting for about 20-30 minutes in queue for it!

2) Clueless Elitist – I’ve come across a couple of these guys. They know all the abilities in the dungeon and what to avoid….and yet they don’t follow their advice. They say “Oh! Interrupt that ability!”, and I go “I have been. What are you doing?” as I post my Interrupts from Recount into party chat. A hunter goes “All ranged DPS on Beserker” in Zul’Gurub on Zanzil, and he’s not attacking it. Then when we wipe, the hunter goes “Who doesn’t know fights? because I don’t want to wipe again” Really… /facepalm.

3) E.Peeners – The ones that are so proud of their Tanking/Healing/DPS, that they really try to see how high they can set the bar. A DPS will pull additional mobs, not interrupt, or break CC. All to see how high they can get their numbers up. They also ask for someone to post Damage meters in Party chat. I’m sure they have Recount, but they act like they don’t, to rub their Damage in everyone’s faces. Healers will lie in wait before casting a heal to any player taking damage, including the tank. A tank will break CC, and (hopefully) tank everything. I really dislike these kinds of PuGs, because…well, it can cause wipes when you have multiple E.Peeners in the group.

4) GoGo’s – I had a DPS warrior who was constantly charging into mobs before the tank even pulled. I would’ve put him in the E.Peeners category, but he was only averaging about 5K DPS. Now really something to be proud of, especially because I was on my gimp shaman beating him. I’m guess he was in a hurry, and that’s why he was constantly charging into mobs before our healer could even sit down to drink. Either way, when the healer is out of mana…he can’t heal. It causes wipes. Slow down! I like chain pulling, but I don’t like chain pulling if it leads to a wipe.

Nobody is perfect – If anyone knows me, they would know I’m not the best player. People make mistakes. Sometimes I am also not aware of my surroundings, or aware of what I’m doing wrong. This is why I admit to some things and apologize for them. Earlier today, I popped my Fire Elemental Totem and it was attacked the Water Totems on Lynx boss! I didn’t know it did that. I also don’t have the best gaming equipment. I get delays and crashes on my computer. Not all the time, but 30% of the time I do. I just try my best with the cards I’m dealt with.

Enough of my little rant now….

Gearing out my Shaman – I have some epics on my shaman, but they are what I call Welfare Epics. Epics that are so easy to get that it doesn’t really require much effort, like Crafted items. If you have the gold or time to get the mats, getting Welfare is not bad. Actually now that I think about it, there’s a lot of Welfare epics! You can get an epic cloak by saving Thrall in Hyjal! I just hate being gimp when I’m in a dungeon, so I’m trying my best to get as much gear as fast as possible. Well, not really as fast as possible…because I’ve been doing Regular Heroics instead of zHeroics, and I’ve been helping my best friend gearing out her Holy paladin.

hmmm Anyone remember PuG Bingo?



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