PTR for Patch 4.0 is up!

Hello All!
For those that don’t know this already, but the PTR is up for Patch 4.0. Here are the ‘test’ patch notes for the upcoming patch. I have yet to play on the test realm, because it requires downloading a HUGE file to install. I don’t really have the patience to wait for the test realms to be downloaded onto my laptop. My hubby has been trying it out and I now excited for the the upcoming patch :P I can’t give you my opinion on everything because I haven’t play on the test realms. All my opinions are based of me watching my hubby play on the test realms. I’ll say this now…but based on the looks, I don’t like the raid interface…or the guild interface. I do like the idea of seeing my guild member’s professions, but I am so used to seeing the categories sort like they are now. Perhaps one day, I will get on my hubby’s laptop and show you guys in screenshots what I mean. I am loving the new ‘Power Auras’ like the ones shown here on MMO-Champion. The Elemental Shaman’s new ‘Earthquake‘ spell looks like it will break my laptop. My hubby has been experimenting with the PTR with all of his toons, but I think the main complaint he has is about his ret paladin. Going from 12K DPS to down about 4K is not a balance…it’s a nerf in my opinion. My hubby is a little irritated that he can’t voice his opinion without sounding like he’s whining about it. I personally don’t like ret paladins, I really don’t. I almost hate them as much as I hate rogues, but I do agree that going from 12K DPS down to 4K alerts that something is wrong. Of course, I tell him that that’s why Blizzard had called it a ‘Test’ Realm and hopefully, Blizzard will change it before it becomes Live. Of course, he also could be doing something wrong but he keeps stating that he knows what he’s doing. Other similar-geared Ret Paladins are doing 2K while he is doing 4K DPS. Leveling a new toon won’t be as bad. Multi-shot for hunters is awesome! Who needs Volley, when you have Multi-Shot! :P
On another different note, I’m a little sad that the Call of Arms for Alterac Valley is over. I gathered over 120,000 honor just from pvping Friday & Saturday. I got a Frostwolf Howler for my priest at the cost of 50,000 honor which is one of my favorite mounts in the game. I did the quests for Alterac Valley, gathered enough rep to get my rank 4 trinket, and be Revered with Frostwolf. I haven’t been pvping or even playing World of Warcraft due to my husband hogging all of our bandwidth to download content for the Test Realms. Bah! I think I’ll be going for my ‘World Explorer’ Achievement while waiting for queues for my battlegrounds. I explored all of Arathi Highlands last night on my priest and I am just stunned at the sights I haven’t seen in the game. I’m a little disappointed in myself for not taking screenshots of the little cove in Arathi Highlands. Nonetheless, I’ll be taking screenshots as I’m moving towards my goal for the ‘World Explorer’ Achievement. OH! Today is Tuesday! Arena points! I should have enough arena points to get my Relentless Chest Piece! Oh, I’m so excited! Of course, I have enough Honor Points. I’m already slowly approaching the honor cap of 75,000. I’m running out of things to buy, because I don’t need more epic gems right now. Well, I’m off to go read my new guild’s forum. Servers are still down!


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