Project 9+1

Hello Everyone,

I decided to do a quick post while I’m waiting on my math class to start. So I’ve decided to not quit WoW (right now), and I’ve also decided putting some focus on leveling all my alts/toons to 85. I’m calling this little project “Project 9+1”, very similar to Spellbound’s Project Ten. I’m calling it “Project 9 +1”, because I have 9 Horde toons and 1 Alliance toon (my Worgen Death Knight) on the same server. Currently, my Troll shaman is 63% into level 83. Once my shaman hits level 85, I might make her a healer. Right now, she’s Elemental and I’m really loving it.  Also once my shaman hits 85, I just have my 77 Blood Elf mage, 76 Worgen Death Knight, 73 Goblin Rogue, and a 66 Blood Elf Warlock to level up to 85.

I’m also limiting my raiding to only my guild’s 25 mans on Tuesday & Wednesday.  This is to help me avoid Burnout from the game (and raiding). Here recently, I geared up my warrior to be able to tank ZA/ZG heroics. *sniff* I’m so proud of her. I also was able to do a Bear Mount run with my warrior and my husband’s mage, and my husband won the mount. He then decided to give my warrior the Bear Mount, since he has it on multiple characters. My warrior is the first toon to get the Bear Mount, lucky her. I have yet to get the bear mount my main (priest). I’ll be running Heroics on my Warrior using my justice points to get Epic BoE Boots for my alts. I already have gotten one of the Epic BoE Boots for my pally.

That’s all for now. Time for Math class :P



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One Comment on "Project 9+1"

  1. Saga October 3, 2011 at 7:26 PM - Reply

    Mine won’t all be on the same server anymore sadly, since I moved a couple to raid with my friend’s Horde guild :) I’ll end up having 9 alliance 85s and 2 horde, unless I decide to level the final class to 85 on the alliance server as well.

    Good luck with your project! :)

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