Project 9+1: The one class…

To start things off, I just want to say the one class I dislike the most…is Rogues. I dislike their Cheap Shots, Kidney shots, Blind, Garrotes, Ruptures, Saps, Smoke Bombs, Vanishes, Recuperates, and their Fan of Knives. I dislike being at the end of a Rogue’s weapon!

On a happier note about Project 9+1 – I leveled my rogue to level 82; she’s halfway to 82, and I imagine she’ll be the next toon I level to 85. Stuff just seems to die a lot quicker, therefore questing goes by quicker on my rogue. Get my rogue done and over with. My mage is currently 81, and about half way to 82. Questing is not so easy on her, because she’s gimp as all heck. I’m still working on my Worgen Death Knight who is currently level 79, but I’ve been saving her to do the Argent Tournament dailies. My warlock is creeping in at level 72, who like my mage, is gimp as all heck. I honestly have been spoiled by Guild Perks. My warlock doesn’t have the 10% bonus my other characters have. My warlock is currently in my bank guild: Go Farm Yourself, which is guild level 1. Compared to my other characters who are in a Level 25 guild T_T I’m currently working on questing on my mage and warlock to get them geared….

Aside from Project 9+1, but in WoW – My priest recently hit Exhalted with Orgrimmar and Undercity, which means she recently just got the Albino Drake from collecting 50 mounts. I’m working on getting the Dragonhawk mount that you get for collecting 100 mounts. I believe my son farmed Undercity Reputation in Ragefire Chasm, because I don’t know how else I would’ve gotten it. Last time I checked on my Reputation in the last heroic I did, I was about halfway to getting Exhalted with Undercity. I healed Blackwing Decent here recently as Discipline, and that was a challenge. Mainly because my son started throwing a fit during Boss Encounters, because I wouldn’t let him play WoW.

Another Geared Toon – Apparently, my guild wants me to gear out an alt. Unlike my husband, sadly…the only geared alt I have is my hunter. My hunter is mostly Zandalari heroic geared. I have yet to get gear for her from Valor points. /facepalm. If I was going to get up another alt, it would probably be my Shaman. I haven’t raid healed on a shaman since WOTLK, and I’m kind of excited to get back into that. Granted that if I do gear out my shaman, she would only be used for 10 mans. Heck, we have too many shaman healers for the 25 mans. WTB other healers besides Druids and Shamans! Do I really? No, not really. Truth is, we have a lot of healers….for the 25 mans.

Also someone posted it on my guild’s Forums…and it kind of irritated me. We did Blackwing Descent yesterday, and I had died on that boss. *grumbles*



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