Priest Transmogrification Outfit #2

Hello Everyone!

So this is my priest’s second outfit that I’m possibly thinking about. Moonsoul Crown for the helm! I was trying to find a matching helm to my shoulders, but I couldn’t find one (because the tier ones). I will probably change it to something else, once I find something better (or have Display Helm option off). I really like the Mooncloth Robe that she’s wearing, and how can you hate the wings from the Merciless Shoulders? Absolution Gloves, because I love them so! The Anathema staff brings back some memories from when I played back in Classic. I have my Benediction staff already, so I’m good to go on that. Anathema will probably be the only weapon I will use for Transmogging. My priest’s arms were bare naked, so I tried to find a shirt to match the Mooncloth Robe without my priest looking dumb. I found Wound Dressing, sold by the First Aid Supplies vendor in Dalaran. Pay no attention to my boots, because that’s definitely going to change. To what? I have no idea.  My cloak that I have chosen is a plate DPS cloak that drops in Stratholme called Pale Moon Cloak. The belt is a Honored Reputation reward from Wyrmwest Accord called Sash of the Wizened Wyrm.

What are some of your outfits that you have planned for Transmogrification?




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2 Comments on "Priest Transmogrification Outfit #2"

  1. Erinys October 11, 2011 at 7:45 AM - Reply

    Haven’t quite decided yet, but I’m aiming for something that doesn’t look at all Priestlike for PvP and probably the white version of tier 6 for PvE.

    • Warcraft Mia October 11, 2011 at 8:20 AM - Reply

      I definitely want to go for a priest look, but I want it to look unique. That’s kind of hard to do… I’m really liking this outfit though. I might use this one for PvE, and my first outfit for PvP.

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