Priest Transmogrification Outfit # 1

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to take a little break from Project 9+1, and mess around with WoW Model Viewer to look at outfits. This is my first Transmogrification Outfit that I’ve decided for my priest. I’ve always liked the Tier 6 look (Absolution). It has always been one of my favorites. In this screenshot of my priest, she’s wearing the Tier 6 set. She’s also wearing the Shroud of Orgrimmar, and the Vengeful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Robe. Unfortunately since the PvP vendor doesn’t sell the Season 3 sets anymore, I won’t be able to get the chest piece. Unless Blizzard decides to sell the sets again (which I hope they do), I’ll be stuck with the actual chest piece from the Tier 6 set (or Season 2). I could also use the Merciless Shoulders, instead of the Absolution ones.

As for the Shroud of Orgimmar, I never realized how hard it is to find a cloak! I pretty much searched for about 30 minutes before I gave up and favored on the Shroud of Orgimmar. I kind of liked the Cloak of Untold Secrets that drops in AQ20. Guess that means once Project 9+1 is done, I need to farm that instance. Joy. OR I guess I could make the Wispcloak for my priest. Hmmm… Oh well, guess it’s back to leveling now.




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