Panda Ren

Hello Everybody!

So I have a test today in General Biology. Am I ready for it? No. Photosynthesis, Enzymes, and Cellular Respiration are mind-boggling to me. We’ll see how it goes today. *crosses fingers* We only got about 7 trick-or-treaters for Halloween, which I’m glad about. I’m all for giving kids candy, but I just don’t like the tradition of Halloween. The last time was 4 kids who were constantly ringing the doorbell and knocking at almost 9:30pm (when we were getting ready for bed), while the parents stayed on the sidewalk in front of the house. Really? Ugh.

World of Warcraft – I got my new crafted boots! /flex. Thanks to my guild and guildy Zaafir! Yesterday, I actually got to raid 25m Firelands with the guild for the first time in a week! Husband put my son to bed, so I didn’t fall asleep! I was very happy and excited to raid with my guildies. Not too happy about the Heroic Bosses though. We did Heroic Shannox, Beth’tilac, and Rhynolith. We killed Alysrazor on Normal mode before calling it for the night. To be honest, as much as I was anxious to raid with my friends; I was pissed off. I was shaking because I was so pissed off. There was name-calling, and hostility. I was already nervous about doing Heroic Boss fights that I’ve never done before, now I got to deal with Hostility from guild members? Nuh uh. I was so close to leaving the raid.

I’m all for progression. I get irritated too at raids, but I don’t call people stupid. Also, it’s really a jerk move to say “Oh, people just need to quit being stupid and avoid traps”….and I’m the only one in a trap. Yes, I should’ve been more careful and watched out for traps. My bad. I admit that, but quit being a pansy and ask what the heck went wrong, instead of calling me stupid! Grrr!

Ok, Time to Calm Down – So because WoW has me getting pissed off, I have looked for other relaxing things to do. Like math problems! That’s right, I rather deal with long algebra problems than deal with WoW. No, not really. It’s just homework. So after numerous recommendations, I recently tried out GIMP. I will say that so far, I love this program. I especially love its Smudge Feature. I tried it out with a drawing I did while waiting on my Math class to start. A Female Pandaren whom I have named Panda Ren. As you can tell, Inspiration came from Mists of Pandaria! Ha! She’s not quite finished, but I’m taking my time with it. I’m doing a little bit at a time, every 30 minutes to an hour on it. Not bad for not having a tablet :P

ok Time to get ready for my test! T_T



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